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Continual Learning Benchmark
Evaluate three types of task shifting with popular continual learning algorithms.
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A Python toolkit for Reservoir Computing and Echo State Network experimentation based on pyTorch. EchoTorch is the only Python module available to easily create Deep Reservoir Computing models.
Sparse Evolutionary Artificial Neural Networks
Always sparse. Never dense. But never say never. A repository for the Adaptive Sparse Connectivity concept and its algorithmic instantiation, i.e. Sparse Evolutionary Training, to boost Deep Learning scalability on various aspects (e.g. memory and computational time efficiency, representation and generalization power).
Data Science Resources
👨🏽‍🏫You can learn about what data science is and why it's important in today's modern world. Are you interested in data science?🔋
Cnn Svm
An Architecture Combining Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Linear Support Vector Machine (SVM) for Image Classification
My journey to learn and grow in the domain of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by performing the #100DaysofMLCode Challenge.
The light deep learning framework for study and for fun. Join us!
Brain Inspired Replay
A brain-inspired version of generative replay for continual learning with deep neural networks (e.g., class-incremental learning on CIFAR-100; PyTorch code).
Rocket powered machine learning. Create, compare, adapt, improve - artificial intelligence at the speed of thought.
Neural Api
CAI NEURAL API - Pascal based neural network API optimized for AVX, AVX2 and AVX512 instruction sets plus OpenCL capable devices including AMD, Intel and NVIDIA.
Machine Learning Without Any Libraries
This is a collection of some of the important machine learning algorithms which are implemented with out using any libraries. Libraries such as numpy and pandas are used to improve computational complexity of algorithms
Gru Svm
[ICMLC 2018] A Neural Network Architecture Combining Gated Recurrent Unit (GRU) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) for Intrusion Detection
Handwritten digits, a bit like the MNIST dataset.
Applying eanns
A 2D Unity simulation in which cars learn to navigate themselves through different courses. The cars are steered by a feedforward neural network. The weights of the network are trained using a modified genetic algorithm.
Collection of various implementations and Codes in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision ✨💥
MIVisionX toolkit is a comprehensive computer vision and machine intelligence libraries, utilities and applications bundled into a single toolkit.
C# implementation of the various algorithms based on Genetic Algorithm, Genetic Programming and Artificial Neural Networks.
NeuPy is a Tensorflow based python library for prototyping and building neural networks
Re-implementation of TensorFlow in pure python, with an emphasis on code understandability
Continual Learning
PyTorch implementation of various methods for continual learning (XdG, EWC, online EWC, SI, LwF, GR, GR+distill, RtF, ER, A-GEM, iCaRL).
NiuTensor is an open-source toolkit developed by a joint team from NLP Lab. at Northeastern University and the NiuTrans Team. It provides tensor utilities to create and train neural networks.
Ai Simplest Network
The simplest form of an artificial neural network explained and demonstrated.
Ecg Classification
Code for training and test machine learning classifiers on MIT-BIH Arrhyhtmia database
Go implementation of Leabra algorithm for biologically-based models of cognition, based on emergent framework (with Python interface)
EmbeddedML was created to be an alternative to the limited options available for Artificial Neural Networks in C. It is designed to be efficient without sacrificing ease of use. It is meant to support students as well as industry experts as it is built to be expandable and straightforward to manipulate.
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