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Top 42 attention-model open source projects

Camouflaged Object Detection, CVPR 2020 (Oral & Reported by the New Scientist Magazine)
Code/Model release for NIPS 2017 paper "Attentional Pooling for Action Recognition"
Generative Inpainting Pytorch
A PyTorch reimplementation for paper Generative Image Inpainting with Contextual Attention (
Pytorch Batch Attention Seq2seq
PyTorch implementation of batched bi-RNN encoder and attention-decoder.
Generative inpainting
DeepFill v1/v2 with Contextual Attention and Gated Convolution, CVPR 2018, and ICCV 2019 Oral
Speech emotion recognition blstm
Bidirectional LSTM network for speech emotion recognition.
Snli Entailment
attention model for entailment on SNLI corpus implemented in Tensorflow and Keras
Pytorch Acnn Model
code of Relation Classification via Multi-Level Attention CNNs
Sa Tensorflow
Soft attention mechanism for video caption generation
Code & data accompanying the NAACL 2019 paper "Bidirectional Attentive Memory Networks for Question Answering over Knowledge Bases"
Linear Attention Recurrent Neural Network
A recurrent attention module consisting of an LSTM cell which can query its own past cell states by the means of windowed multi-head attention. The formulas are derived from the BN-LSTM and the Transformer Network. The LARNN cell with attention can be easily used inside a loop on the cell state, just like any other RNN. (LARNN)
Transformer image caption
Image Captioning based on Bottom-Up and Top-Down Attention model
Attention Gated Networks
Use of Attention Gates in a Convolutional Neural Network / Medical Image Classification and Segmentation
Pytorch Attention Guided Cyclegan
Pytorch implementation of Unsupervised Attention-guided Image-to-Image Translation.
Deep Visual Attention Prediction (TIP18)
Awesome Attention Mechanism In Cv
计算机视觉中用到的注意力模块和其他即插即用模块PyTorch Implementation Collection of Attention Module and Plug&Play Module
The implementation of "End-to-End Multi-Task Learning with Attention" [CVPR 2019].
AttentionGAN for Unpaired Image-to-Image Translation & Multi-Domain Image-to-Image Translation
Attention ocr.pytorch
This repository implements the the encoder and decoder model with attention model for OCR
The implementation of "Point-of-Interest Recommendation: Exploiting Self-Attentive Autoencoders with Neighbor-Aware Influence"
A Position-aware Bidirectional Attention Network for Aspect-level Sentiment Analysis, PyTorch implementation.
A pyTorch implementation of models used for Recognizing Textual Entailment using the SNLI corpus
The implementation of "Gated Attentive-Autoencoder for Content-Aware Recommendation"
"Arbitrary Style Transfer with Style-Attentional Networks" (CVPR 2019)
reasoning attention
Unofficial implementation algorithms of attention models on SNLI dataset
Grapheme To Phoneme
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