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Friend OS is the Internet Operating System for any device, running on posix compatible hosts. Also known as the Friend Unifying Platform. A high speed (Gbps) Forensics, Memory integrity & assurance. Includes offensive & defensive memory capabilities. Find/Extract processes, hypervisors (including nested) in memory dumps using microarchitechture independent Virtual Machiene Introspection techniques
Awesome Digitalocean
A curated list of amazingly awesome DigitalOcean resources inspired by Awesome Sysadmin
Backend.AI is a streamlined, container-based computing cluster orchestrator that hosts diverse programming languages and popular computing/ML frameworks, with pluggable heterogeneous accelerator support including CUDA and ROCM.
Distributed and Parallel Computing Framework with / for Python
This repo is a one stop destination to find resources for learning various domains. You can find the roadmap for any domain here.
Create free cloud architecture diagrams
Cloudsim Plus
☕️🏗⛅️🎓 A modern, full-featured, easier-to-use, highly extensible, faster and more accurate Java 8+ Framework for Cloud Computing Simulation
Ssm Cache Python
AWS System Manager Parameter Store caching client for Python
Building your endless Kubernetes ocean
Pulumi Aws
An Amazon Web Services (AWS) Pulumi resource package, providing multi-language access to AWS
Every developer deserves the right of creating microservices without using any framework 🤍
An R interface to the Google Cloud Compute API, for launching virtual machines
Awesome Serverless
腾讯云 云函数 SCF / Serverless 的 100 种玩法,签到,打卡,图床,刷金币等各种应用集合。
Digital Ocean R client
Paas Profiles
Making Platform as a Service offerings comparable - Ecosystem profiles for portability matching.
Wakame Vdc
Datacenter Hypervisor - Open Source Cloud Computing / IaaS
Awesome Microservices
A curated list of Microservice Architecture related principles and technologies.
Python Scaleway
🐍 Python SDK to query Scaleway APIs.
Cloud Game
Web-based Cloud Gaming service for Retro Game
My own front end web development set up, covering everything from operating system to analytics.
A Benchmark Suite for Cloud Services.
Family of packages for interacting with Azure from R
cloudquery transforms your cloud infrastructure into SQL or Graph database for easy monitoring, governance and security.
The Bits And Bytes Of Computer Networking
Networking , N/W layer, Transport and Application Layer, Networking Service, Internet, Troubleshooting , N/W future
Aws Automation
AWS automation scripts and lambda functions
Ee Runner
Command-line runner for Google Earth Engine Playground scripts
Pulumi - Developer-First Infrastructure as Code. Your Cloud, Your Language, Your Way 🚀
Workload Collocation Agent
Orchestration-aware Workload Collocation Agent - a daemon that can help you collocate your workloads. provides serverless execution and deployment of crystal language code in Google Cloud Functions
Alibabacloud Console Design
Orleans is a cross-platform framework for building distributed applications with .NET
Platform as a Service API abstraction layer.
Data Science On Gcp
Source code accompanying book: Data Science on the Google Cloud Platform, Valliappa Lakshmanan, O'Reilly 2017
The new architecture of co-computation for data processing and machine learning.
Google Cloud APIs for Julia
Extreme-scale Discontinuous Galerkin Environment (EDGE)
Awesome Serverless
☁️ A curated list of awesome services, solutions and resources for serverless / nobackend applications.
TFHE: Fast Fully Homomorphic Encryption Library over the Torus
A language and runtime for distributed, incremental data processing in the cloud
💻 ShellHub enables teams to easily access any Linux device behind firewall and NAT.
A curated collection of publicly available resources on how technology and tech-savvy organizations around the world use Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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