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Awesome Kubernetes Notes
awesome-kubernetes-notes 🎉
Krakend Ce
KrakenD Community Edition. Make your binary of KrakenD API Gateway
Cloud-native and easy-to-use application management platform | 云原生且易用的应用管理平台
Spring Cloud Kubernetes
Kubernetes integration with Spring Cloud Discovery Client, Configuration, etc...
Akka Management
Akka Management is a suite of tools for operating Akka Clusters.
An opinionated Kubernetes distribution with a focus on long-term on-prem deployments
Almond Cloud
Almond As A Service and Thingpedia
✭ 212
🐘 Run PostgreSQL in Kubernetes
Migrating To Cloud Native Application Architectures
Release engineering, life-cycle management and Continuous Delivery of software platforms and artefacts
Spring Cloud Azure
Spring Cloud integration with Azure services
Wascc Host
Library for hosting actors and capability providers in a host process
Product Microgateway
A cloud native, developer centric and decentralized API gateway for microservices
Cloud Ops Sandbox
Cloud Operations Sandbox is an open source tool that helps practitioners to learn Service Reliability Engineering practices from Google and apply them on their cloud services using Cloud Operations suite of tools.
Go Chassis
a microservice framework for rapid development of micro services in Go with rich eco-system
ChubaoFS (abbrev. CBFS) is a cloud native distributed file system and object store.
Kogito Runtimes
Kogito Runtimes - Kogito is a cloud-native business automation technology for building cloud-ready business applications.
Opa Envoy Plugin
A plugin to enforce OPA policies with Envoy
Externalsecret Operator
An operator to fetch secrets from cloud services and inject them in Kubernetes
Awesome Micronaut
A curated list of resources for the Micronaut JVM framework
Inclavare Containers
A novel container runtime, aka confidential container, for cloud-native confidential computing and enclave runtime ecosystem.
🖥️ How to build a Dockerized RESTful API application using Go.
DevSpace - The Fastest Developer Tool for Kubernetes ⚡ Automate your deployment workflow with DevSpace and develop software directly inside Kubernetes.
Wide Area SHell: a cloud-native shell for bringing remote infrastructure to your terminal.
Cloud-native Redis server implemented in Elixir
Chaostoolkit Kubernetes
Kubernetes driver extension of the Chaos Toolkit probes and actions API
Hazelcast Kubernetes
Kubernetes Discovery for Hazelcast
Cloud-native distributed data streaming platform, written in Rust
🔥 Kubernetes multi-cluster deployment automation service.
Azkarra Streams
🚀 Azkarra is a lightweight java framework to make it easy to develop, deploy and manage cloud-native streaming microservices based on Apache Kafka Streams.
An efficient log ingestion and log aggregation system
Kubernetes-native S3-like files/assets store based on CRDs and powered by MinIO
Vpp Agent
⚡️ Control plane management agent for's VPP
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Curiefense is a unified, open source platform protecting cloud native applications.
Spring Cloud Config
External configuration (server and client) for Spring Cloud
Kubernetes Vagrant Centos Cluster
Setting up a distributed Kubernetes cluster along with Istio service mesh locally with Vagrant and VirtualBox, only PoC or Demo use.
Open Source, Cloud Native, RESTful Search Engine Powered by Neural Networks
Dubbo Go Pixiu
Based on the proxy gateway service of dubbo-go, it solves the problem that the external protocol calls the internal Dubbo cluster. At present, it supports HTTP and gRPC[developing].
Litmus helps SREs and developers practice chaos engineering in a Cloud-native way. Chaos experiments are published at the ChaosHub ( Community notes is at
Git Repository for the Mangle tool
A Kubernetes implementation of the Open Application Model specification
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