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Gulp Front
Frontend boilerplate and framework based on gulp, pug, stylus and babel
Govuk React
An implementation of the GOV.UK Design System in React using CSSinJS
🎨 Vue.js components implementing Microsoft Fluent Design
Precise Ui
📐 React UI Component Library powered by ZEISS.
Bootstrap Vue
BootstrapVue provides one of the most comprehensive implementations of Bootstrap v4 for Vue.js. With extensive and automated WAI-ARIA accessibility markup.
Ej2 Vue Ui Components
Syncfusion Vue UI component library offer more than 50+ cross-browser, responsive, and lightweight vue UI controls for building modern web applications.
A collection of essential UI components written with React.
Carbon Web Components
Carbon Design System variant on top of Web Components
Terraform Aws Components
Opinionated, self-contained Terraform root modules that each solve one, specific problem
Rinse React
🚿 Rinse, React, repeat. A boilerplate to build a React component library.
Carbon by Sage | ReactJS UI Component Library
A React wrapper for Material Design (Web) Components
Cross platform UI controls for progressive web and hybrid apps (plain JS, jQuery, Angular and React)
Aksara Ui
Aksara Design System, from
Barista - the Dynatrace design system. Tailored to scale.
Choc Ui
Prebuilt Chakra UI Higher Order Components
Taiga Ui
Angular UI Kit and components library for awesome people
React Virtuoso
The most powerful virtual list component for React
Nim ios uikit
网易云信 iOS UI 组件,提供聊天界面,文本消息,图片消息,语音消息,视频消息,地理位置消息,自定义消息(阅后即焚)等消息示例。#推荐客户得比特币,首次推荐得0.02BTC,连续推荐得0.03BTC/单,上不封顶。点击参与
🍴 A Vue.js 2.x desktop components colletion
Element Plus
🎉 A Vue.js 3 UI Library made by Element team
Nx Packaged
Angular libraries with ng-packagr embedded in Nx Workspace.
Neumorphic Ui
📚 A library of components based on the concept of neumorphism
Purescript Ocelot
An opinionated component library for Halogen apps
Ft Origami
The Old Origami Website, do not use
EGEO is the open-source UI library used to build Stratio's UI. It includes UI Components, Utilities, Services and much more to build user interfaces quickly and with ease. The library is distributed in AoT mode.
💎 Accessible components done right.
A beautiful, easilly composable HTML5 generation library in Common Lisp
Tail Kit
Tail-kit is a free and open source components and templates kit fully coded with Tailwind css 2.0.
React Atlas
Composable React components with CSS Modules.
Elm Ui
UI library for making web applications with Elm
Metro Ui Css
Impressive component library for expressive web development! Build responsive projects on the web with the first front-end component library in Metro Style. And now there are even more opportunities every day!
React Spaces
React components that allow you to divide a page or container into nestable anchored, scrollable and resizable spaces.
React components of open-source Orbit design system by
Material Design text field that comes in a box, based on (OLD) Google Material Design guidelines.
Clarity is a scalable, accessible, customizable, open source design system built with web components. Works with any JavaScript framework, built for enterprises, and designed to be inclusive.
A React Component library implementing the Base design language
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