Top 74 composition open source projects

Elegant validation library for type-safe input data (for TypeScript and Flow)
Type-safe, composable microservices for data analytics
Swift Gen
🎱 Composable, transformable, controllable randomness.
A Python library for creating and manipulating musical patterns, designed for use in algorithmic composition, generative music and sonification. Can be used to generate MIDI events, MIDI files, OSC messages, or custom events.
Swift Composable Navigator
An open source library for building deep-linkable SwiftUI applications with composition, testing and ergonomics in mind
Clean Code Javascript
🛁 Clean Code cho Javascript: một số lời khuyên để giữ cho code js của bạn luôn sạch sẽ thơm tho 💪 💪 💪
"A collection of functional programming libraries that can be composed together. Unlike a framework, is a suite of instruments and you (the user) must be the composer of. Geared towards versatility, not any specific type of music." — @loganpowell via Twitter
Functional plumbing for Python
Functional Promises
Write code like a story w/ a powerful Fluent (function chaining) API
Composer is a new programming model for composing cloud functions built on Apache OpenWhisk.
Animated music editor in Clojurescript/re-frame
Puresharp is a Framework that provides the essential APIs (AOP, IOC, etc...) to productively build high quality (.NET 4.5.2+ & .NET Core 2.1+) applications through reliability, scalability and performance without no compromise
A collection of well known Algebraic Data Types for your utter enjoyment.
Composable state primitives for JavaScript
Functional Programming Library for C++. Write concise and readable C++ code.
🌍 Transforms arrays using an object composition DSL.
A chainable & composable alternative React component API.
Not Awesome Es6 Classes
A curated list of resources on why ES6 (aka ES2015) classes are NOT awesome
Promised Pipe
A ramda.pipe-like utility that handles promises internally with zero dependencies
🌟 Library of helpers that are useful for functional programming
Chakra Ui Vue
⚡️ Build scalable and accessible Vue.js applications with ease.
Representation Learning from Stoichiometry
Windows Composition Samples the place for getting the latest code samples and demos using Windows.UI.Xaml and Windows.UI.Composition to make beautiful Universal Windows Platform applications.
Atomic Layout
Physical representation of layout composition to create declarative responsive layouts in React.
Learning Recompose
Composition is a beautiful thing. Let's learn why, using Recompose.
[BUGFIXES ONLY, SUPPORT WILL DROP MAR 1, 2021] Injecting composition effects into Electron applications!
A deep learning model for style-specific music generation.
A full stack, reactive architecture for general purpose programming. Algebraic and monadically composable primitives for concurrency, parallelism, event handling, transactions, multithreading, Web, and distributed computing with complete de-inversion of control (No callbacks, no blocking, pure state)
Composition over inheritance for Android components like Activity or Fragment
React / Redux action composition made simple
Strong Dynamically Typed Object Modeling for JavaScript
Swift Web
🕸 A collection of Swift server-side frameworks for handling HTML, CSS, routing and middleware.
Animal Matting
Github repository for the paper End-to-end Animal Image Matting
Elegant and composable validations
Swift Composable Architecture
A library for building applications in a consistent and understandable way, with composition, testing, and ergonomics in mind.
Proxy middleware for express that enables composition of microservices.
Lambda Talk
A Flock of Functions: Combinators, Lambda Calculus, & Church Encodings in JS
Graphql Resolvers
🔌 Resolver composition library for GraphQL.
🎹 plaintext music sequencer and midi shell, with vim playback 🥁
🌊🐷 Utility for generalized composition of React components
React Flight
The best way to build animation compositions for React.
Objects are functions! Treat any Object or Class as a Proc (like Enumerable but for Procs).
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