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JavaScript data grid with a spreadsheet look & feel. Works with React, Angular, and Vue. Supported by the Handsontable team ⚡
Runtime CSS manager, Turn CSS into dynamic JS module, Stylesheet CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) in CSSOM, name space (local) class names
Prisma Tools
Prisma tools to help you generate CRUD system for GraphQL servers
A Simple but Powerful Flat File Database Storage.
🐥The very simple ORM library for Golang
Generate CRUD gRPC backends from single YAML description.
Crud Intellij Plugin
Create your .Net Core/Angular/Database CRUD Web apps by simply clicking a button
A complete, open-source Excel-like calculation engine written in TypeScript. Includes 380+ built-in functions. Maintained by the Handsontable team⚡
Lightweight and Extensible Infrastructure for Building Web Applications - Web Application Framework
This is a project of a library, driven by real business requirements. We use techniques strongly connected with Domain Driven Design, Behavior-Driven Development, Event Storming, User Story Mapping.
Simple Crud
PHP library to provide magic CRUD in MySQL/Sqlite databases with zero configuration
Yii2 Enhanced Gii
Enhanced Yii2 Gii (generator) that generates related Models & CRUD
Nestjs Mongoose Crud
Nest.js crud module for mongoose models without `nestjsx/crud`
Django Material Admin
Material design for django administration
Fastapi Crudrouter
A dynamic FastAPI router that automatically creates CRUD routes for your models
React Admin Low Code
react-admin (via ra-data-hasura-graphql provider) + hasura = :)
Oatpp Examples
List of example projects of how to use oat++ framework
Build CRUD apps in fewer lines of code.
D2 Crud Plus
Angular2 Crud Rest
Sample Angular (2.x and 4.x) app: CRUD example + routing
Fast DB-independent DAL for .NET Core: abstract queries, SQL commands builder, schema-less data access, POCO mapping (micro-ORM).
Summernote Cleaner
Plugin for Summernote that adds a Button and/or Paste functionality for cleaning MS Word Crud from editor text
Play2 Crud
Simple CRUD & DAO implementation for play2
Django Crudbuilder
Generic CRUD implementation in Django
Vaadin On Kotlin
Writing full-stack statically-typed web apps on JVM at its simplest
Owasp Mth3l3m3nt Framework
OWASP Mth3l3m3nt Framework is a penetration testing aiding tool and exploitation framework. It fosters a principle of attack the web using the web as well as pentest on the go through its responsive interface.
Typegraphql Prisma
Prisma 2 generator to emit TypeGraphQL types and CRUD resolvers from your Prisma 2 schema
Haskell Yesod Realworld Example App
Exemplary real world application built with Haskell + Yesod
Graphql Sequelize Crud
Automatically generate queries and mutations from Sequelize models
Repositório principal contendo o Core e Extensions: JPA, Security, WS
Core Php Admin Panel
An Admin panel written in core php with CRUD, filters and pagination.
Low-code platform design rule
✭ 118
Go implementation of a RESTful JSON API exposing CRUD functionality relying on a custom storage.
Slick Repo
CRUD Repositories for Slick based persistence Scala projects.
Django Crud Ajax Login Register Fileupload
Django Crud, Django Crud Application, Django ajax CRUD,Django Boilerplate application, Django Register, Django Login,Django fileupload, CRUD, Bootstrap, AJAX, sample App
Turn your Swift data model into a working CRUD app.
Cli Spring Boot Scaffold
command line for generate crud and configs for spring boot projects
Laravel Lego
Save you from CRUD
✭ 112
Nodejs Mysql Links
A CRUD Web Application with authentication using Nodejs, Mysql and other Javascript technologies
A Laravel package to help you generate nearly complete CRUD pages like crazy!
Think Builder
A command line toolit to build applications' CRUD/mvc scaffold for thinkphp v6. 用于生成 thinkphp v6 增查改删脚手架代码的命令行工具。
【🔥今日热门】🏎️ 更好的ORM库 (Better ORM library that is simple, fast and self-mockable for Go)
Django Auth0 Vue
A Django REST Framework + Vue.js CRUD Demo Secured Using Auth0
Rest Nestjs Postgres
CrudJS implemented as a REST API, using Nest.js and Postgres
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