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Top 81 edge-computing open source projects

📸 PyTorch implementation of MobileNetV3 for real-time semantic segmentation, with pretrained weights & state-of-the-art performance
Neuralet is an open-source platform for edge deep learning models on edge TPU, Jetson Nano, and more.
Open source device management for embedded systems and edge computing
zenoh unifies data in motion, data in-use, data at rest and computations. It carefully blends traditional pub/sub with geo-distributed storages, queries and computations, while retaining a level of time and space efficiency that is well beyond any of the mainstream stacks.
Microsoft Rocket Video Analytics Platform
A highly extensible software stack to empower everyone to build practical real-world live video analytics applications for object detection and counting with cutting edge machine learning algorithms.
Edge Ai
A curated list of resources for embedded AI
Haiway Edge Computing OS
Federated Learning: Client application doing classification of images and local training. Works better with the Parameter Server at
Extend cloud computing, data and service seamlessly to edge devices.
Cloudflare Typescript Workers
Types and mocks for building a tested Typescript Cloudflare Worker, generates three NPM packages
Simple document db made for infinitely scalable globally distributed reads.
一个移动端跨平台的gpu+cpu并行计算的cnn框架(A mobile-side cross-platform gpu+cpu parallel computing CNN framework)
Coreml Training
Source code for my blog post series "On-device training with Core ML"
Awesome System For Machine Learning
A curated list of research in machine learning system. I also summarize some papers if I think they are really interesting.
Awesome Mobile Machine Learning
A curated list of awesome mobile machine learning resources for iOS, Android, and edge devices.
FogFlow is a standard-based IoT fog computing framework that supports serverless computing and edge computing with advanced programming models
People Counter Python
Create a smart video application using the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit. The toolkit uses models and inference to run single-class object detection.
This repository provides code for machine learning algorithms for edge devices developed at Microsoft Research India.
Utensor cgen
C++ code generator for uTensor
Deploy app servers close to your users. Package your app as a Docker image, and launch it in 17 cities with one simple CLI.
Sparkfun edge
SparkFun's Edge Development Board is based around the newest edge technology and is perfect for getting your feet wet with voice and even gesture recognition without relying on 3rd party cloud services.
OpenYurt - Extending your native Kubernetes to edge(project under CNCF) IoT Edge Device SDK is a powerful C++ and JavaScript SDK for edge devices, IoT gateways and connected embedded systems.
Kubernetes Native Edge Computing Framework (project under CNCF)
A lightweight IoT edge analytics software
🦖 Streaming-Serverless Framework for Low-latency Edge Computing applications, running atop QUIC protocol, engaging 5G technology.
High-performance multiple object tracking based on YOLO, Deep SORT, and optical flow
Community gathering point for Google Coral dev board and dongle knowledge.
Train plus plus
Repo and code of the IEEE UIC paper: Train++: An Incremental ML Model Training Algorithm to Create Self-Learning IoT Devices
A Portable C Library for Distributed CNN Inference on IoT Edge Clusters
End-to-End Compute, Storage and Networking Virtualisation.
FreeIOE is a framework for building IOE (Internet Of Everything) edge-computing gateway 开源的边缘计算网关框架. 讨论群: 291292378
keras openvino
How to run Keras model inference x3 times faster with CPU and Intel OpenVINO
The New OTT Platform - an excuse to discuss and design a simple edge computing platform
This is the ÆGIS federated application host. Federated components are independently deployable, written by multiple teams in multiple languages, and loaded from multiple repos and network locations at runtime, yet capable of running together in a single process or as distributed components in the ÆGIS application fabric.
A zenoh plug-in that allows to transparently route DDS data. This plugin can be used by DDS applications, such as ROS2 robotic applications and others, to leverage the zenoh for geographical routing or for better scaling discovery.
[JSS'19] A Blockchain-based Lightweight Framework for Edge and Fog Computing
Create a concurrent video analysis pipeline featuring multistream face and human pose detection, vehicle attribute detection, and the ability to encode multiple videos to local storage in a single stream.
A distributed ledger for the p2p and decentralized IoT devices in JavaScript.
This is home of Das Schiff - Deutsche Telekom Technik's engine for Kubernetes Cluster as a Service (CaaS) in on-premise environment on top of bare-metal servers and VMs.
Lightweight flow-level simulator for inter-node network and service coordination (e.g., in cloud/edge computing or NFV).
An Edge-computing platform based on Wi-Fi routers
Enhance your iOS app with the ability to see and interact with humans using the RGB camera.
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