Top 128 full-stack open source projects

用Chrome或者iPad轻松阅读整理漫画,播放音乐,以及观看视频. All-in-one solution for local doujin/anime/music file.
Fullstack Challenges
Open source's challenges of full-stack jobs to test your skills
An open-source big data platform designed and optimized for the Internet of Things (IoT).
Awesome Stacks
A curated list of tech stacks for building different applications & features
一款自带工作流引擎的Node.js全栈框架。A Node.js full-stack framework with workflow engine, based on koa + egg + vue + framework7
A multi-tenant Laravel app for listing property rentals
Web app boilerplate for beginners based on Firebase and React 🔥
Helping junior developers navigate the complex world of software engineering without experiencing information overload.
Mern Marketplace
A MERN stack based online marketplace application [Full-Stack React Projects]
Generate a modern Web project with Go and Angular, React or Vue in seconds 🚀
Mindmap Full Stack
This is A roadmap or you can spell it mindmap for Developer's , this is for frontend and Full stack developer , all the people who belive in them and want to grow faster can work with this mindmap.
Tabula Rasa
Minimalistic real-worldish blogging platform, written entirely in F#, made as a learning reference for building large Elmish apps
Mevn Stack
A Quickstart for building an Express API with a VueJS Admin Portal
Full Stack Developer Interview Questions And Answers
❔Full-stack developer interview questions and answers
Programming Notes
Lecture notes on Computer Science, Full Stack Development, and Software Engineering Philosophies.
Kotlin Full Stack Application Demo
Full-stack demo application written with Kotlin MPP
Vue Online Shop Frontend
《从零到部署:用 Vue 和 Express 实现迷你全栈电商应用》全栈代码
A Full-Stack mobile app, including Android & Server, Simple-Poem 简诗. You can write poem in graceful & traditional Chinese style.
Cleverstyle Framework
CleverStyle Framework is simple, scalable, fast and secure full-stack PHP framework
Rapidoid - Extremely Fast, Simple and Powerful Java Web Framework and HTTP Server!
Mern Skeleton
A MERN stack skeleton web application [Full-Stack React Projects]
This project is meant to provide resources to users who want to access good LinkedIn posts which contains resources to learn any Technology, Design, Self-Branding, Motivation etc. You can visit project by:
➿ 💡 My Udacity projects that I have made to improve my skills and complete my nanodegree. Please don't use it to copy the projects. Submit the PR if you want something to be added to this repository.
Books Management System
Simple React Full Stack
Boilerplate to build a full stack web application using React, Node.js, Express and Webpack.
Server Tech Tree
Vue Shop
An online-shop designed and developed by VueJS and NodeJS, along with their related tech stacks.
Mern Mediastream
A MERN stack based media streaming application [Full-Stack React Projects]
React Over Crystal Kemal and Yarn
Powerful tool for building full-stack and completely reactive user interfaces using PHP
The only truly universal productive development platform with Docker on macOS, Linux and Windows!
Bug Tracker Pern Ts
Bug Tracking app with project members support. Made with PERN stack + TypeScript.
Data Driven Web Apps With Pyramid And Sqlalchemy
Demos and handouts for Talk Python's Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy course
Bancha is an open-source CMS made by Nicholas Valbusa written in PHP5.3.
The highly productive Julia web framework
Kotlin Fullstack Sample
Kotlin Full-stack Application Example
Vue Book
A simple full stack project about book~
CUBA Platform is a high level framework for enterprise applications development
Dramatically simplify full‑stack development
A library for development of single-page full-stack web applications in clj/cljs
Deep Microservices Todomvc
Todo Microservice is built on top of DEEP Framework using Microservices Architecture
Angular7 Crud Example
Angular 7 CRUD Example (A Full Stack App)
Vuejs Argon Design System
Vuejs Argon Design - Built with Automation Tools | AppSeed App Generator
Crnn Pytorch
✍️ Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network in Pytorch | Text Recognition
Fullstack Flask Vuejs Argon Design
Flask Vuejs - Built with Automation Tools | AppSeed App Generator
A simple file sharing web service in Vue.js and Flask
A simple, secure, and scalable PHP application framework
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