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Top 66 gulp-plugin open source projects

Gulp Strip Debug
Strip console, alert, and debugger statements from JavaScript code
Gulp Size
Display the size of your project
Gulp Debug
Debug Vinyl file streams to see what files are run through your Gulp pipeline
Gulp Html Replace
Replace build blocks in HTML. Like useref but done right.
Gulp Compass
Compass plugin for gulp
Gulp Traceur
Traceur is a to JavaScript-of-today compiler
Gulp Tap
Easily tap into a gulp pipeline without creating a plugin.
Gulp Stylelint
Gulp plugin for running Stylelint results through various reporters.
Gulp Nunjucks
Precompile Nunjucks templates
Some of the gulp tutorial -《gulp笔记》
Gulp Rev
Static asset revisioning by appending content hash to filenames: `unicorn.css` → `unicorn-d41d8cd98f.css`
Gulp Bro
👊 gulp + browserify + incremental build, done right.
Gulp Modernizr
Gulp wrapper for custom Modernizr builds
Gulp Flatten
Gulp plugin: remove or replace relative paths for files
Gulp Vulcanize
Concatenate a set of Web Components into one file
Gulp Ftp
[DEPRECATED] Upload files to an FTP-server
Gulp Babel
Gulp plugin for Babel
Gulp Ngmin
[DEPRECATED] Pre-minify AngularJS apps with ngmin
Gulp Google Cdn
Replaces script references with Google CDN ones
Gulp Plugin Boilerplate
Boilerplate to kickstart creating Gulp plugins
Gulp Develop Server
Development assistant for node.js server by gulp
Gulp Json Editor
A gulp plugin to edit JSON objects
Gulp Wxa Copy Npm
Gulp Require Tasks
Splits Gulpfile into multiple individual files
Gulp Tar
Create tarball from files
Gulp Jsonlint
🔍 jsonlint plugin for Gulp
Gulp Postcss
Pipe CSS through PostCSS processors with a single parse
Gulp Changed
Only pass through changed files
Gulp Useref
Parse build blocks in HTML files to replace references to non-optimized scripts or stylesheets.
Gulp Angular Templatecache
Concatenates and registers AngularJS templates in the $templateCache.
Gulp Pug
Gulp plugin for compiling Pug templates
Gulp Ruby Sass
Compile Sass to CSS with Ruby Sass
Gulp Shell
A handy command line interface for gulp
Gulp Filter
Filter files in a `vinyl` stream
Gulp Inline Css
Inline linked css in an html file. Useful for emails.
Parse Markdown and YAML → compile Markdown to HTML → wrap it all up in JSON
A Gulp plugin to convert YAML to JSON
Plugin for gulp to convert files from one encoding to another.
Automatically install node modules using Yarn. 😻
gulp plugin for golang projects
Ensure your micro-lib stays micro
A Gulp plugin for wrapping JavaScript code in IIFEs.
Revert the previous `file.path` change
Validate JavaScript code and report possible syntax errors
This is a gulp plugin for node-px2rem.
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