Top 14 hashes open source projects

Practical Cryptography For Developers Book
Practical Cryptography for Developers: Hashes, MAC, Key Derivation, DHKE, Symmetric and Asymmetric Ciphers, Public Key Cryptosystems, RSA, Elliptic Curves, ECC, secp256k1, ECDH, ECIES, Digital Signatures, ECDSA, EdDSA
World's fastest and most advanced password recovery utility
Pip Tools
A set of tools to keep your pinned Python dependencies fresh.
A repo that contains recursive directory listings (using PowerShell) of a vanilla (clean) install of every Windows OS version to compare and see what's been added with each update.
A simple but fast bloomfilter written in Python
Simplistic (but fast) java implementation of a bloom filter.
A single tool to bruteforce pdf , zip and hashes very super fast tool developed with python3
a fast password wordlist generator, Smartlist creation and password hybrid-mask analysis tool written in pure safe Rust
🛷 File name hashes support for css() and js() helpers. Without rewrite rules!
A C++ Cryptographic Hash Algorithms Library
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