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Premium hand-crafted icons built by Ionic, for Ionic apps and web apps everywhere 🌎
Beautiful flag icons for usage in apps and on the web.
Materialdesign Webfont
@mdi/font Dist for Material Design Icons.
Animated Clock Icon
Easy-to-use animated clock icon for Android
Bforartists is a fork of the popular 3D software Blender, with the goal to improve the UI.
Flutter Icons
Customizable Icons for Flutter 💥
A cross-shell customizable powerline-like prompt with icons
3,000+ gorgeous SVG logos, perfect for your README or credits page
Sketch Feather
Sketch library for Feather icons
✭ 237
Customize Windows 10 Taskbar with few extra features
A Xcode plugin to automatically generate 2x, 1x image from 3x image for you, or upscale to 3x from 2x
Ember Font Awesome
ember-cli addon for using Font Awesome icons in Ember apps
Material Menu
Animations for Android L drawer, back, dismiss and check icons
Animated Icons
Android Animated Icons Library
Prismatic Night
A dark themed startpage and dark themes for Firefox and Linux inspired by Material design and Adapta.
A set of animated icons + code to insert them into the webpages
Rplibs 原型设计元件库,基于Axure RP 10/9/8,支持 Android、Apple、Windows、微信,移动、桌面平台的应用和网站原型设计。五年历程 2.6k+ star,感谢大家使用。
React Svg Buttons
React configurable animated svg buttons
Growl-like notifications with an emphasis on icons
Android Switchicon
Google launcher-style implementation of switch (enable/disable) icon
Small N Flat
svg icons on a 24px grid
C# File Resource Management Library
Iconshowcase Dashboard
A full-of-features, easy-to-customize, free and open source, Material Design dashboard for icon packs.
macOS CLI for managing custom icons for files and folders
Svelte Awesome
Awesome SVG icon component for Svelte JS, built with Font Awesome icons. Based on Justineo/vue-awesome
Kubernetes Icons
[obsolete] Set of icons for Kubernetes diagrams, has been merged into official k8s repo!!
Icon library
💪 Rich Android Path. 🤡 Draw as you want. 🎉 Animate much as you can.
Vue Eva Icons
Is a pack of more than 480 beautiful open source Eva icons as Vue components
Awesome Iconjar
44 Collect free icon sets for iconjar. 收集免费的图标包,iconjar 格式(44套)。
Bootstrap Vue
BootstrapVue provides one of the most comprehensive implementations of Bootstrap v4 for Vue.js. With extensive and automated WAI-ARIA accessibility markup.
Folder Icons
Custom folder icons for macOS & Windows
Micon, The iconic windows 10 font and CSS toolkit.
simply generic vector icon collection - including sketch file, svg files, and font files.
Blade Heroicons
A package to easily make use of Heroicons in your Laravel Blade views.
Source files for the custom icon-font used by the File-Icons package.
✭ 175
Hyper Tabs Enhanced
Enhanced Tabs Plugin for Hyper
Get access to 2 million+ design resources right inside Adobe Xd, Figma, Sketch, Microsoft Office, G Suite and many more.
CLI tool to generate all the icons and splashscreens for your Quasar Apps
File Icon Vectors
A collection of file type icons in SVG format
A free collection of maps for every country in the world, available in 11 sizes or in SVG.
Materialdesign Svg
@mdi/svg Dist for Material Design Icons.
Flat Color Icons
Free Flat Color Icons
Os Folder Icons
A collection of custom folder icons for (Mac, Linux and Windows)
Logger in Rust for pretty colors and text in the terminal. Aiming for a relatively simple API
Gimp Android Xdpi
Gimp plugin to write images and icons for all android densities
Glyphfriend is a Visual Studio Extension to add previews for various icon/glyph fonts to Visual Studio.
A simple easy favicon generator.
Aegis Icons
Unofficial 2FA entry icons for open source Android authenticator Aegis
React Ionicons
A React Ionicon component
Read a set of SVG icons and ouput a TTF/EOT/WOFF/WOFF2/SVG font.
Terminal Icons
Beautiful icons for your favourite terminal apps like Hyper and iTerm2
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