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Previewimage Mobile
仿微信js-sdk wx.previewImage javascript实现,支持图片预览,滑动切换,双指缩放,图片缓存;Support for picture preview, slide switch, double finger zoom, picture caching
Array Explorer
⚡️ A resource to help figure out what JavaScript array method would be best to use at any given time
Visual Prototyping Tool for React Applications
Twitch Watcher
Automatic watching the twitch to get Valorant drop
Typescript Vs Flowtype
Differences between Flowtype and TypeScript -- syntax and usability
Javascript Avanzado En Espanol
Esta es una traducción de la serie de libros de You Don't Know JS (book series), la cual es una serie de 6 libros que navegan profundamente en los mecanismos básicos y avanzados del lenguaje JavaScript. La primera edición de la serie está ahora completa.
Pasta Sourcemaps
Pretty (and) Accurate Stack Trace Analysis is an extension to the JavaScript source map format that allows for accurate function name decoding.
Chakracore Delphi
Delphi and Free Pascal bindings and classes for Microsoft's ChakraCore library
Visualizing JavaScript source code as navigable 3D cities
Object Explorer
🔥 A resource to help figure out what JavaScript object method would be best to use at any given time
Js Callgraph
Construct approximate static call graph for JavaScript & Typescript
Deps Report
Generate reports about dependencies and dependents of your JavaScript/TypeScript files through an AST. It supports import and require statements.
Npm Link Up
🔄 Link your NPM projects automatically, for sophisticated / modular local development.
Converts Thrift specs into Flow JavaScript type definitions
Understand the tree of dependencies inside your webpack bundles, and trim away the excess.
JavaScript Enhancements is a plugin for Sublime Text 3. It offers not only a smart javascript autocomplete but also a lot of features about creating, developing and managing javascript projects (real-time errors, code refactoring, etc.).
jSuites is a collection of lightweight common required javascript web components. It is composed of fully responsive vanilla plugins to help you bring the best user experience to your projects, independent of the platform. Same JS codebase across different platforms.
Javascript Completions
JavaScript Completions for sublime text. It helps you to write your scripts more quickly with hints and completions.
A template for writing distributable front-end javascript modules.
Your guide to Node.js content management systems
Chatbot – is a computer program that simulates a natural human conversation. Users communicate with a chatbot via the chat interface or by voice, like how they would talk to a real person.
A collection of resources on JavaScript in a programmaticaly manageable JSON format
A simple CSS Gradient Animator tool built with Vue and Vuex.
📊 Simple and lightweight data visualization library.
A utility to grab nested values from objects.
in this project, I will add Javascript functions from Basics to Advanced with design patterns
A super small and useful utils library for JavaScript.
Wanna get DRY? Static analysis tool for detecting repeat code.
Retrieve real (with Javascript executed) HTML code from an URL, ultra fast and supports multiple parallel loading of webs
Typeless: the benefits of TypeScript, without the types
🐏 Learn ramda, the interactive way
This is an Open-Source Library Website in which you get Resources to learn different topics, Donate book section to donate your old books, and a Book issue section to keep a record of all the books issued. -HacktoberFest Accepted
Vim/Neovim Colortheme–Truecolor, Stunning, Complete
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