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Top 50 kraken open source projects

Crypto Exchange
Pulls together list of crypto exchanges to interact with their API's in a uniform fashion.
Modular Async/Sync/Reactive Twitch API Client / IRC Client
Asynchronous event I/O driven quantitative trading framework.
Kraken Go Api Client
Example client library in GO for use with the API.
Python script to control NZXT cooler Kraken X52/X62 in Linux
Asynchronous driven quantitative trading framework.
My Token
📈Track token prices of your favorite exchanges in terminal!
Exchanges Php
This is a virtual currency SDK that brings together multiple exchanges
Cryptocurrency Portfolio
Google Sheets automatic creation with Google Apps Script (GAS) for managing a cryptocurrency tracking spreadsheet with multi exchanges
Coinnect is a Rust library aiming to provide a complete access to main crypto currencies exchanges via REST API.
Trade on and script multiple crypto exchanges from a single user interface on desktop and mobile. In development.
A python implementation of the Kraken API.
A responsive dynamic webapp to trade cryptopairs on the most prominent exchanges
Crypto vba
An Excel/VBA project to communicate with various cryptocurrency exchanges APIs
Linux kernel module to control and monitor NZXT liquid coolers
Exchange Rest And WebSocket API For Golang Wrapper support okcoin,okex,huobi,hbdm,bitmex,coinex,poloniex,bitfinex,bitstamp,binance,kraken,bithumb,zb,hitbtc,fcoin, coinbene
Bitcoin and Altcoin exchange api aggregator / wrapper
Python2 Krakenex
(UNMAINTAINED) REST Exchange API for, Python 2
Trading bot including terminal, for crypto and traditionals markets. Assisted or fully automated strategy.
Trading Indicator
provide trading technical indicator values based on data of almost crypto currency exchanges
Short python framework that dynamically displays and converts the cryptocurrencies in your Kraken wallet into equivalents fiat money.
Cryptocurrency exchange market data feed handler
Python3 Krakenex
REST Exchange API for, Python 3
ExchangeSharp is a powerful, fast and easy to use .NET/C# API for interfacing with many crypto currency exchanges. REST and web sockets are supported.
Algo Coin
Python library for algorithmic trading cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges
GSM Assessment Toolkit - A security evaluation framework for GSM networks
Check prices of cryptocurrencies via command line
Get any cryptocurrencies ticker and trade data in real time from multiple exchanges and then save it in multiple storage systems.
WARNING: This is a mirror of the GitLab repository. Please go there to open new issues or Pull Requests.
Create BIOM-format tables ( from Kraken output (,
Repository of all crypto icons, and allows you to download all images of icons of crypto currencies listed on the coinmarketcap site 9129 icons
Twitter Activated Crypto Trading Bot
Buys crypto through keyword detection in new tweets. Executes buy in 1 second and holds for a given time (e.g. Elon tweets 'doge', buys Dogecoin and sells after 5 minutes). Tested on Kraken and Binance exchanges
Lightweight wrapper for trading cryptocurrencies using Kraken
🔔 GunControl • Custom *nix launcher for GunBot
MM Bot for OpenDEX. Make profits via arbitrage between OpenDEX and a connected CEX account like Binance 🤖
Automated entry of TradingView alerts for bot trading tools such as 3Commas, Alertatron, CryptoHopper, etc.
Recentrifuge: robust comparative analysis and contamination removal for metagenomics
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