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Acme Nginx
python acme client for nginx
Full Stack Fastapi Couchbase
Full stack, modern web application generator. Using FastAPI, Couchbase as database, Docker, automatic HTTPS and more.
Nginx Proxy
Automated nginx proxy for Docker containers using docker-gen
Letsencrypt Rails Heroku
Automatic LetsEncrypt SSL certificates in your Rails app on Heroku.
Simple Httpd
Drop-in replacement for Python SimpleHTTPServer. Provides TLS via Let's Encrypt over HTTP2, and auto generated self-signed certificates.
Support Let's Encrypt for a Go server application.
Terraform Provider Acme Old
ACME (Let's Encrypt) Support for Terraform
Istio Gke
Istio service mesh walkthrough (GKE, CloudDNS, Flagger, OpenFaaS)
Simp le
Simple Let's Encrypt client
A fully manual Let's Encrypt/ACME client
Ansible Rails
Ruby on Rails deployment using Ansible - with Lets Encrypt, Sidekiq, PostgreSQL, nginx & puma
Concert is a console based certificate generation tool for
Kube Lego
DEPRECATED: Automatically request certificates for Kubernetes Ingress resources from Let's Encrypt
Acme Plugin
🔏 ACME protocol plugin for Ruby on Rails applications
AnsiPress - Simple L(Linux) E(NGINX) M(MariaDB) P(PHP7) Shared Hosting Setup
Letsencrypt Cpanel
cPanel/WHM plugin for Let's Encrypt client
Guacamole Install Rhel 7
Apache Guacamole installation bash script for RHEL 7 and CentOS 7 including options for Nginx, HTTPS, SSL, LDAP, Let's Encrypt certificates and more
Udm Le
Let's Encrypt support for Ubiquiti UbiOS firmwares
Lets Nginx
Push button, get TLS
An easy-to-use PHP ACME v2 client library, designed to be used with LetsEncrypt.
✭ 167
Htpc Docker Standup
A simple docker-compose based configuration to stand up a new HTPC w/ Plex, Deluge, Sonarr, Radarr and more!
The | state-of-the-art | secure-by-default | one-touch-deployed | XMPP server for everyone.
Certbot Route53
Helping create Let's Encrypt certificates for AWS Route53
ACMEv2 client written in plain C with minimal dependencies
🔒 acmetool, an automatic certificate acquisition tool for ACME (Let's Encrypt)
🎧 An open source web scrobbler for
Gitlab Ci Stack
Full CI pipeline project based on Gitlab & Gitlab CI running Docker, completely automated setup by Vagrant & Ansible, providing Let´s Encrypt certificates for private Servers, multiple Gitlab-Runners and the Gitlab Container Registry, incl. GitLab Pages
Docker Portainer Letsencrypt
Portainer docker container over SSL Certificate using Let's Encrypt automated by our webproxy docker-compose-letsencrypt-nginx-proxy
Lua Resty Auto Ssl
On the fly (and free) SSL registration and renewal inside OpenResty/nginx with Let's Encrypt.
Letsencrypt Zimbra
Files to automate the deploy of letsencrypt certificates to Zimbra
Let's Encrypt(ACME) client. Python library & CLI app.
Certbot Zimbra
Automated letsencrypt/certbot certificate request and deploy script for Zimbra hosts
Serverpilot Letsencrypt
Automate the installation of Let's Encrypt SSL on the free plan of ServerPilot
Django Init
Project template used at Fueled for scaffolding new Django based projects. 💫
Bash Utils
A collection of hand-crafted bash scripts for various common tasks.
Node Acme Client
Simple and unopinionated ACME client
tobab: the poor mans identity aware proxy, easy to use setup for beyondcorp in your homelab
Edgemax Acme
Let's Encrypt setup instructions for Ubiquiti EdgeRouter using DNS-01
Node Acme Lambda
Use AWS Lambda to manage SSL certificates for ACME providers like Let's Encrypt.
obtain free SSL certificates from letsencrypt ACME server Suitable for automating the process on remote servers.
Kubernetes Letsencrypt
A Kubernetes controller to retrieve Let's Encrypt certificates based on service annotations (unmaintained)
Docker Nginx Gunicorn Flask Letsencrypt
Boilerplate code for setting up Nginx + Gunicorn + Flask + automated LetsEncrypt certificates (https) using docker-compose.
An effective ACME v2 client: Manage keys on the cloud (e.g. S3)
Rails Letsencrypt
The Let's Encrypt certificate manager for rails
Async ACME library written in PHP based on the Amp concurrency framework.
Acme Dns Certbot Joohoi
Certbot client hook for acme-dns
Certbot Plugin Gandi
Certbot plugin for authentication using Gandi LiveDNS
Chef Acme
Chef cookbook to request SSL certificates at Let's Encrypt
A Let's Encrypt certificates manager for Kubernetes
Dockerized HTTPS with Let's Encrypt
A docker-powered bash script for shared web hosting management. The ultimate Docker LAMP/LEMP Stack.
Rancher Lets Encrypt
Automatically create and manage certificates in Rancher using Let's Encrypt webroot verification via a minimal service
⚠️ UNMAINTAINED - Simple and full-featured mail server using Docker
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