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Top 150 localstorage open source projects

Simple to use local JSON database (supports Node, Electron and the browser)
React Native Storage
local storage wrapper for both react-native and browser. Support size controlling, auto expiring, remote data auto syncing and getting batch data in one query.
📦 depot.js is a storage library with a simple API
Jest Localstorage Mock
A module to mock window.localStorage and window.sessionStorage in Jest
Vue Save State
A Vue mixin to save the state of a component to local storage
Vuex Along
📝 A plugins to auto save and restore state for vuex
Canvas Sketch
App to sketch out a business model canvas
Awesome Web Storage
😎 Everything you need to know about Client-side Storage.
Angular Cached Resource
An AngularJS module to interact with RESTful resources, even when browser is offline
🍫 Tastier cookies, local, session, and db storage in a tiny package. Includes subscribe() events for changes.
Flutter localstorage
📦flutter localstorage for ios/android/desktop/web
Cross-browser storage for all use cases, used across the web.
Why is it 5 AM? Isn't there something simple I can use to track what I'm doing with all this time?
React Local Storage
Showcase on how to use the native localStorage of the browser in React.
Vue Warehouse
A Cross-browser storage for Vue.js and Nuxt.js, with plugins support and easy extensibility based on Store.js.
Ngx Store
Angular decorators to automagically keep variables in HTML5 LocalStorage, SessionStorage, cookies; injectable services for managing and listening to data changes and a bit more.
Vuex Localstorage
Persist Vuex state with expires by localStorage or some else storage.
A better way to use localStorage and sessionStorage
Vue Assistant
🤦🙌A personal assistant write by can get started quickly in vue.这是一个基于vue的移动端项目demo,不需要使用vuex,也不需要结合后台,使用localstorage进行数据的本地存储,非常适合前端初中级vue新手练习实践
React Use Localstorage
(seeking maintainers) ⚓ React hook for using local storage
React Persist
💾 Persist and rehydrate React state to localStorage.
Real-time issue tracker optimized for small teams
Client-side messaging channel for sending data from one browser tab to another
Office Js Helpers
[ARCHIVED] A collection of helpers to simplify development of Office Add-ins & Microsoft Teams Tabs
A tiny API wrapper for localStorage
A Vue plugin from localForage.vue-localForage or vlf
Nuxt Storage
🛢 Utilities for easy read and write browser's storage in Nuxt.js project
An awesome tool for retrospecting, written in Vue
Vue Preferences
The coolest and easiest way to manage your user's preferences on the client side with your preferred storage. Check out sample app here:
Js Integration Examples
Examples of common uses of ports and web components
jSQL is the "official" Javascript Query Language - A database written in Javascript for use in a browser or Node.
Theme Builder
The theming system helps you in building a theme of your choice and apply it to test live. Why wait? Just give it a try.
Vue Mail List
IndexedDB with Intuitive API,轻松搞定浏览器数据库🎉
React Easy Params
🔗 Auto synchronize your state with the URL and LocalStorage.
A tiny (<1kb) localStorage and sessionStorage helper library.
MongoDB on the browser. A database using Javascript localStorage
Recoil Persist
Package for recoil state manager to persist and rehydrate store
Re Frame Storage
re-frame interceptors for browser local storage
Highly portable extremely light-weight password manager that stores all your passwords in a local encrypted file.
Remember Scroll
🎯 A plugin using localStorage to remember element scroll-position when closed the page.
Use Persisted State
A custom React Hook that provides a multi-instance, multi-tab/browser shared and persistent state.
React Native Localstorage
Manage LocalStorage items in a web environment
Proxy Storage
Provides an adapter for storage mechanisms (cookies, localStorage, sessionStorage, memoryStorage) and implements the Web Storage interface
Aframe Persist Component
Persisting Aframe attribute data using localStorage
Broadcast Channel
📡 BroadcastChannel to send data between different browser-tabs or nodejs-processes 📡
MongoDB-like API for HTML5 Storage (localStorage and sessionStorage)
The simple, easy-to-implement library to export HTML tables to xlsx, xls, csv, and txt files.
Vue Music Player
🎵Vue.js写一个音乐播放器+📖One(一个).A music player + One by Vue.js
Nano Sql
Universal database layer for the client, server & mobile devices. It's like Lego for databases.
🏬 200b key-value store backed by navigation state
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