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Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning Machine Learning Tutorials
A comprehensive list of Deep Learning / Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tutorials - rapidly expanding into areas of AI/Deep Learning / Machine Vision / NLP and industry specific areas such as Climate / Energy, Automotives, Retail, Pharma, Medicine, Healthcare, Policy, Ethics and more.
The Elements Of Statistical Learning Notebooks
Jupyter notebooks for summarizing and reproducing the textbook "The Elements of Statistical Learning" 2/E by Hastie, Tibshirani, and Friedman
edaviz - Python library for Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization in Jupyter Notebook or Jupyter Lab
Python Wechat Itchat
微信机器人,基于Python itchat接口功能实例展示:01-itchat获取微信好友或者微信群分享文章、02-itchat获取微信公众号文章、03-itchat监听微信公众号发送的文章、04 itchat监听微信群或好友撤回的消息、05 itchat获得微信好友信息以及表图对比、06 python打印出微信被删除好友、07 itchat自动回复好友、08 itchat微信好友个性签名词云图、09 itchat微信好友性别比例、10 微信群或微信好友撤回消息拦截、11 itchat微信群或好友之间转发消息
A Python Matplotlib, Numpy library to manage wind data, draw windrose (also known as a polar rose plot), draw probability density function and fit Weibull distribution
Simple plotting library that wraps Matplotlib and integrated with DataFrames
Cheatsheets Ai
Essential Cheat Sheets for deep learning and machine learning researchers
Detect and fix skew in images containing text
Sorting Visualizer
📊 Some python scripts which can visualize several famous sorting algorithms and generate the animations via Matplotlib.
Decode CINRAD (China New Generation Weather Radar) data and visualize.
Matplotlib 3d
Experimental 3D axis for matplotlib
Visualisations of data are at the core of every publication of scientific research results. They have to be as clear as possible to facilitate the communication of research. As data can have different formats and shapes, the visualisations often have to be adapted to reflect the data as well as possible. We developed Pylustrator, an interface to directly edit python generated matplotlib graphs to finalize them for publication. Therefore, subplots can be resized and dragged around by the mouse, text and annotations can be added. The changes can be saved to the initial plot file as python code.
A pythonic interface for the ROOT libraries on top of the PyROOT bindings.
A Python module for time-frequency analysis
Data Science Types
Mypy stubs, i.e., type information, for numpy, pandas and matplotlib
Scientific Visualization Book
An open access book on scientific visualization using python and matplotlib
QuantumBlack Matplotlib styles
Matplotlib Tutorial
Matplotlib tutorial for beginner
Visualize ml
Python package for consolidated and extensive Univariate,Bivariate Data Analysis and Visualization catering to both categorical and continuous datasets.
Python Quickui
Scientific One-Liner Interactive GUI Library
Scientific colormaps for making accessible, informative and 'cmashing' plots
FFProbe Bitrate Graph
Rl Book Challenge
self-studying the Sutton & Barto the hard way
Data Analysis
Deep Learning Resources
A Collection of resources I have found useful on my journey finding my way through the world of Deep Learning.
Usiigaci: stain-free cell tracking in phase contrast microscopy enabled by supervised machine learning
Zhihu Spider
Ml Cheatsheet
A constantly updated python machine learning cheatsheet
Ds Ai Tech Notes
📖 [译] 数据科学和人工智能技术笔记
Data Science For Marketing Analytics
Achieve your marketing goals with the data analytics power of Python
Stock Market Analysis And Prediction
Stock Market Analysis and Prediction is the project on technical analysis, visualization and prediction using data provided by Google Finance.
Twelvedata Python
Twelve Data Python Client - Financial data APIs & WebSockets
Matplotlib for java: A simple graph plot library for java with powerful python matplotlib
Python related technologies used in work: crawler, data analysis, timing tasks, RPC, page parsing, decorator, built-in functions, Python objects, multi-threading, multi-process, asynchronous, redis, mongodb, mysql, openstack, etc.
Storytelling With Data
Plots from the book "Storytelling with data" implementation using Python and matplotlib
Convert matplotlib figures to TikZ/PGFplots for smooth integration into LaTeX.
An awesome iTerm2 backend for Matplotlib, so you can plot directly in your terminal.
Covid19 Dashboard
A site that displays up to date COVID-19 stats, powered by fastpages.
Calendar Heatmap
Calendar heatmap with matplotlib and random data
Pandoc Plot
Render and include figures in Pandoc documents using your plotting toolkit of choice
Statistical data visualization in Python
Export Data from Prometheus to csv, gnuplot & matplotlib
Coronavirus visualization and prediction
This repository tracks the spread of the novel coronavirus, also known as SARS-CoV-2. It is a contagious respiratory virus that first started in Wuhan in December 2019. On 2/11/2020, the disease is officially named COVID-19 by the World Health Organization.
Matplotlib Multilayer Network
small template code to create a multilayer network using matplotlib and networkx
Matplotlib Chord Diagram
plot chord diagram with matplotlib
Matplotlib Scalebar
Provides a new artist for matplotlib to display a scale bar, aka micron bar.
A light weight wrapper for matplotlib users with Chinese characters supported
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