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Good Papers
I try my best to keep updated cutting-edge knowledge in Machine Learning/Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. These are my notes on some good papers
Tensorflow Shakespeare
Neural machine translation between the writings of Shakespeare and modern English using TensorFlow
Neural Adaptive Machine Translation that adapts to context and learns from corrections.
Open Source Neural Machine Translation in Torch (deprecated)
Coursera Deep Learning Specialization
Notes, programming assignments and quizzes from all courses within the Coursera Deep Learning specialization offered by (i) Neural Networks and Deep Learning; (ii) Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization; (iii) Structuring Machine Learning Projects; (iv) Convolutional Neural Networks; (v) Sequence Models
Towards Neural Phrase-based Machine Translation
Document Transformer
Improving the Transformer translation model with document-level context
《机器翻译:基础与模型》肖桐 朱靖波 著 - Machine Translation: Foundations and Models
Code Docstring Corpus
Preprocessed Python functions and docstrings for automated code documentation (code2doc) and automated code generation (doc2code) tasks.
Marian Dev
Fast Neural Machine Translation in C++ - development repository
Subword Nmt
Unsupervised Word Segmentation for Neural Machine Translation and Text Generation
nmtpy is a Python framework based on dl4mt-tutorial to experiment with Neural Machine Translation pipelines.
Code and data accompanying Natural Language Processing with PyTorch published by O'Reilly Media
Pytorch nmt
A neural machine translation model in PyTorch
Njunmt Tf
An open-source neural machine translation system developed by Natural Language Processing Group, Nanjing University.
Opennmt Tf
Neural machine translation and sequence learning using TensorFlow
Lang Reps
Code accompanying our EMNLP paper Learning Language Representations for Typology Prediction
Na Nmt
Non-autoregressive Neural Machine Translation (not a full version)
Transformer Dynet
An Implementation of Transformer (Attention Is All You Need) in DyNet
Rnn Nmt
Nlp Library
curated collection of papers for the nlp practitioner 📖👩‍🔬
Neural Machine Translation with RNN/ConvS2S/Transoformer
Fast Neural Machine Translation in C++
Open-Source Neural Machine Translation in Tensorflow
An open-source neural machine translation toolkit developed by Tsinghua Natural Language Processing Group
Sequence-to-Sequence learning using PyTorch
This repository contains the code and data of the paper titled "Not Low-Resource Anymore: Aligner Ensembling, Batch Filtering, and New Datasets for Bengali-English Machine Translation" published in Proceedings of the 2020 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP 2020), November 16 - November 20, 2020.
How Does Selective Mechanism Improve Self-attention Networks?
An implementation of attention-based neural machine translation using Pytorch
Implementation of our paper "Data Rejuvenation: Exploiting Inactive Training Examples for Neural Machine Translation" in EMNLP-2020.
Code for "Asynchronous bidirectional decoding for neural machine translation" (AAAI, 2018)
A Fast Neural Machine Translation System. It is developed in C++ and resorts to NiuTensor for fast tensor APIs.
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