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Примеры distributed machine learning с помощью сервиса AICloud
mash 2016 sklearn intro
Material for the MASH course on introduction to scikit-learn
Introduction to ML with TF2
A repo that gives a hands-on introduction to machine learning using TensorFlow 2.0
Main repository from contributions from my blog
Collection of Pytorch lightning tutorial form as rich scripts automatically transformed to ipython notebooks.
This is the companion repo of the O'Reilly book "Python for Excel".
Pandas is a powerful tool for data exploration and analysis (including timeseries).
Mercury - data visualize and discovery with Javascript, such as apache zeppelin and jupyter
Tutorial notebooks for how to use PyVO to access NASA and other data in Python.
Unfolded Studio sample maps 🗺️ with Observable JS 📓, Jupyter/.Net Interactive notebooks 📚 & Unfolded Map SDK
Materials for the Practical Sessions of the Reinforcement Learning Summer School 2019: Bandits, RL & Deep RL (PyTorch).
Convert Pluto notebooks to HTML in automated workflows
⚙️ Schedule notebooks, run them like APIs, expose securely your assets: Jupyter as a viable ⚡️ Production environment
A lightweight tool to get an AI Infrastructure Stack up in minutes not days. K3ai will take care of setup K8s for You, deploy the AI tool of your choice and even run your code on it.
The de facto standard for people who are looking to learn Dyalog APL from a book. This updated version is a work in progress.
A collection of Livebook notebooks
The PyEarthScience repository created by DKRZ (German Climate Computing Center) provides Python scripts and Jupyter notebooks in particular for scientific data processing and visualization used in climate science. It contains scripts for visualization, I/O, and analysis using PyNGL, PyNIO, xarray, cfgrib, xesmf, cartopy, and others.
This algorithm uses a rectangle made by the user to identify the foreground item. Then, the user can edit to add or remove objects to the foreground. Then, it removes the background and makes it transparent.
Repositório dedicado a armazenar notebooks feitos para o treinamento interno do Grupo Turing da Universidade de São Paulo e para a Árvore de Habilidades do mesmo grupo.
Código para workshops Spark com ambiente de desenvolvimento em docker
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