Top 120 plotly open source projects

Dash for Julia - A Julia interface to the Dash ecosystem for creating analytic web applications in Julia. No JavaScript required.
Complex, interactive heatmaps in R
Command line application for generating static images of interactive plotly charts
Tutorials on visualizing data using python packages like bokeh, plotly, seaborn and igraph
Boilerplate for bootstrapping scalable multi-page Dash applications
edaviz - Python library for Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization in Jupyter Notebook or Jupyter Lab
Simple plotting library that wraps Matplotlib and integrated with DataFrames
Dash Flask Login
Implementation of Flask-login on top of Dash.
Py Quantmod
Powerful financial charting library based on R's Quantmod |
Grafana Plotly Panel
Show plotly graph in grafana panel
D3 like plots creation with plotly in QGIS
Real Time Sentiment Tracking On Twitter For Brand Improvement And Trend Recognition
A real-time interactive web app based on data pipelines using streaming Twitter data, automated sentiment analysis, and MySQL&PostgreSQL database (Deployed on Heroku)
Dash Sample Apps
Open-source demos hosted on Dash Gallery
.NET interface for plotly.js written in F# 📈
Visualization Module for Natural Language Processing
Vue Plotly
A vue wrapper for plotly.js chart library
A workout trainer Dash/Flask app that helps track your HIIT workouts by analyzing real-time video streaming from your sweet Pi using machine learning and Edge TPU..
Covid19 Dashboard
🦠 Django + Plotly Coronavirus dashboard. Powerful data driven Python web-app, with an awesome UI. Contributions welcomed! Featured on 🕶Awesome-list
Generate an interactive dot plot from mummer or minimap alignments
✭ 92
[Book-2019] Pragmatic AI: An Introduction to Cloud-based Machine Learning
Pandoc Plot
Render and include figures in Pandoc documents using your plotting toolkit of choice
Algorithm Playground
An (old) and unstructured (messy tbh) collection of programming exercises.
Self hosted web analytics for endurance athletes
Awesome Dash
A curated list of awesome Dash (plotly) resources
Enable Analytics in your Apps
Front End
Coronavirus COVID19 US Cases Dashboard
Scala Plotly Client
Visualise your data from Scala using Plotly
A python package for plotting animated and interactive bubble charts using Plotly
Ig Follow Count
📈 A simple Instagram analytics tool that continuously logs and graphs your follower count.
Angular Component for Plotly, ASP.NET Core, Elasticsearch
Visualization Of Global Terrorism Database
📊 Visualization of GTD with py Plotly lib, including amazing graphs and animation 📼
Plotly express
Plotly Express - Simple syntax for complex charts. Now integrated into!
Free, open-source SQL client for Windows and Mac 🦅
A set of useful perceptually uniform colormaps for plotting scientific data
Easy to use Python API wrapper to plot charts with matplotlib, plotly, bokeh and more
Issue tracker for Plotly's open-source documentation.
Sentiment Analysis application created with Python and Dash, hosted at
Jupyter Renderers
Renderers and renderer extensions for JupyterLab
Quickly build Explainable AI dashboards that show the inner workings of so-called "blackbox" machine learning models.
Deep Learning Wizard
Open source guides/codes for mastering deep learning to deploying deep learning in production in PyTorch, Python, C++ and more.
Dash for R - An R interface to the Dash ecosystem for creating analytic web applications
Dash Cytoscape
Interactive network visualization in Python and Dash, powered by Cytoscape.js
Flask jsondash
🐍 📊 📈 Build complex dashboards without any front-end code. Use your own endpoints. JSON config only. Ready to go.
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