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Wideresnet Pytorch
Wide Residual Networks (WideResNets) in PyTorch
Pyramidnet Pytorch
A PyTorch implementation for PyramidNets (Deep Pyramidal Residual Networks,
Deep fusion project of deeply-fused nets, and the study on the connection to ensembling
PyTorch implementation of Octave Convolution with pre-trained Oct-ResNet and Oct-MobileNet models
R Centernet
detector for rotated-object based on CenterNet/基于CenterNet的旋转目标检测
Tensorflow Computer Vision Tutorial
Tutorials of deep learning for computer vision.
iSeeBetter: Spatio-Temporal Video Super Resolution using Recurrent-Generative Back-Projection Networks | Python3 | PyTorch | GANs | CNNs | ResNets | RNNs | Published in Springer Journal of Computational Visual Media, September 2020, Tsinghua University Press
Sca Cnn.cvpr17
Image Captions Generation with Spatial and Channel-wise Attention
Pytorch Deeplab Xception
DeepLab v3+ model in PyTorch. Support different backbones.
Fashion Recommendation
A clothing retrieval and visual recommendation model for fashion images.
Video Platform for Action Recognition and Object Detection in Pytorch
Machine Learning Is All You Need
🔥🌟《Machine Learning 格物志》: ML + DL + RL basic codes and notes by sklearn, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras & the most important, from scratch!💪 This repository is ALL You Need!
Senet Caffe
A Caffe Re-Implementation of SENet
Eeg Dl
A Deep Learning library for EEG Tasks (Signals) Classification, based on TensorFlow.
Tensorflow Cnn Finetune
Finetuning AlexNet, VGGNet and ResNet with TensorFlow
Resnet Cifar10 Caffe
ResNet-20/32/44/56/110 on CIFAR-10 with Caffe
DSFD implement with pytorch
Pytorch Cifar100
Practice on cifar100(ResNet, DenseNet, VGG, GoogleNet, InceptionV3, InceptionV4, Inception-ResNetv2, Xception, Resnet In Resnet, ResNext,ShuffleNet, ShuffleNetv2, MobileNet, MobileNetv2, SqueezeNet, NasNet, Residual Attention Network, SENet, WideResNet)
Nsfw Resnet
🔥🔥NSFW implement in pytorch(色情图&性感图识别,本程序经过了线上大数据集测试,性能优异效果良好)🔥🔥
Pytorch Imagenet Models Example + Transfer Learning (and fine-tuning)
Pytorch Imagenet Cifar Coco Voc Training
Training examples and results for ImageNet(ILSVRC2012)/CIFAR100/COCO2017/VOC2007+VOC2012 datasets.Image Classification/Object Detection.Include ResNet/EfficientNet/VovNet/DarkNet/RegNet/RetinaNet/FCOS/CenterNet/YOLOv3.
R Dfpn fpn tensorflow
R-DFPN: Rotation Dense Feature Pyramid Networks (Tensorflow)
This implements training of popular model architectures, such as AlexNet, ResNet and VGG on the ImageNet dataset(Now we supported alexnet, vgg, resnet, squeezenet, densenet)
Resnet On Cifar10
Reimplementation ResNet on cifar10 with caffe
A Re-implementation of Fixed-update Initialization
✭ 122
Torch implementation of the paper "Deep Pyramidal Residual Networks" (
Ir Net
This project is the PyTorch implementation of our accepted CVPR 2020 paper : forward and backward information retention for accurate binary neural networks.
Shiftresnet Cifar
ResNet with Shift, Depthwise, or Convolutional Operations for CIFAR-100, CIFAR-10 on PyTorch
Resnet Face Pytorch
Training a ResNet on UMDFaces for face recognition
Resnet Imagenet Caffe
train resnet on imagenet from scratch with caffe
Deep Reinforcement Learning With Pytorch
PyTorch implementation of DQN, AC, ACER, A2C, A3C, PG, DDPG, TRPO, PPO, SAC, TD3 and ....
PyTorch implementations of recent Computer Vision tricks
PyTorch implementation of HyperNetworks (Ha et al., ICLR 2017) for ResNet (Residual Networks)
Keras Resnet
Residual networks implementation using Keras-1.0 functional API
Caffe Model
Caffe models (including classification, detection and segmentation) and deploy files for famouse networks
Reference implementation for Blueprint Separable Convolutions (CVPR 2020)
Yolo resnet
Implementing YOLO using ResNet as the feature extraction network
Boring Detector
State-of-the-art detector of Boring hats in images and videos.
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