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Top 25 robolectric open source projects

Save time & clear your unit tests on Android !
samples for Robolectric 3.1.4
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Simple event calendar, with agenda view
Test Smells
Test Smells for Android developers
Kotlin Espresso Sample
MVP Android project that uses Espresso instrumentation tests and Robolectric. All written in Kotlin.
Sample Code Movies
This repository contains sample code. Its purpose being, to quickly demonstrate Android and software development in general, clean code, best practices, testing and all those other must know goodies.
Android tmdb clean architecture
Showcase of clean architecture concepts along with Continuous Integration and Development for modular Android applications. Includes test suits (functional and unit tests) along with code coverage.
Bridging Robolectric and Spock framework.
Kotlin Android Starter
[Kotlin Android] Kotlin Android starter based MVP/Dagger2/RxJava2/Robolectric/Espresso/Mockito. It provides a generator to fast create a Kotlin Android project.
Android Starter
[Android Architecture] Android starter based on MVP/Dagger2/RxJava2/Robolectric/Espresso/Mockito. It provides a generator to fast create a Android template project.
Android开发中必要的一环---单元测试(Unit Test)
Android Gif Example
Gif RecyclerView in MVP using Dagger 2 + Retrofit 2 + Moshi + RxJava 2 + Glide 4 with JUnit and Espresso tests written in Kotlin + Kotlin DSL!
Clean Mvvm Archcomponents
👽 Android app consuming Star Wars API.Built with clean architecture ,MVVM pattern, Koin , Coroutines + Flows ,Architecture Components, Data Binding , Firebase , Unit/UI Tests ,Motion Layout
Android Jetpack Playground
Pet project for cutting edge Android development with Jetpack
Emulation of Android Instrumentation Framework API for Robolectric
This Application using Dagger Hilt, Coroutines, Flow, Jetpack (Room, ViewModel, LiveData),Navigation based on MVVM architecture.
Android unit testing example 全面的android应用单元测试方法及案例
Sample Material-design Android weather application build with MVP architectural approach using Dagger2, RxJava2, Retrofit2, Event-Bus, GreenDao, Butterknife, Lottie etc.
Allure integrations for test frameworks targeting Kotlin and Java with 1.6 source compatibility.
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