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❯❯❯ Chat without leaving your terminal
Android spy app
This is a android spy app, which uploads user data such as contacts, messages, call log, send message(s), photos, videos, open a browser link etc. Android Rat
Video Call App Nodejs
A conference call implementation using WebRTC, and Node.js
Vue Echo
Vue integration for the Laravel Echo library.
Web Socket
Laravel library for asynchronously serving WebSockets.
Webrtc Video Broadcast
WebRTC video/audio broadcast
React Discord Clone
Discord Clone using React, Node, Express, Socket-IO and Mysql
Basic Mmo Phaser
Very basic multiplayer online game example made with Phaser, Node.js and
🎥 Cuckoo - A free anonymous video-calling web application built with WebRTC and React that provides peer-to-peer video and audio communication in a web browser with no plugins or extensions required.
Socket Controllers
Use class-based controllers to handle websocket events.
something like QQ、weibo、weChat(vue+express+socket.io仿微博、微信的聊天社交平台)
Socketio Wildcard v2.x with a wildcard event
Yve Bot
Smart rule-based bot. For Browser & Node.
Draw what you see, and guess what your friends drew
Flutter socket io
Socket IO supprt for flutter. Looking for contributors Swift and Java.
Real time code sharing web application
Python Engineio
Python Engine.IO server and client
A server side alternative implementation of in PHP based on workerman.
Itunes Remote
Remotely control iTunes on Mac without Internet 🎶📱
Pizza Sync
Pizza-Sync is a web app built on the frontend with angular, ngrx and on the backend with Nest. It let you and your friends/colleagues choose a pizza before placing a group order. Built using
Gulp Server Io
Standalone / gulp (stream) / delivery server setup with Proxy options remote debugger and more Client Unity3d for Unity3D, which is compatible with v1.x
Nuxt Socket Io
Nuxt Socket IO - client and server module for Nuxt
Socket Chat Client
📲 Ionic Socket.IO chat client
隐藏自己 做好清理
Distributed notifications using websockets
⚡ Simple framework for easily creating dashboards to display metrics ⚡
Drone Keyboard
Drone Keyboard for Tello
Light Push
📐 Ts.ED is a Node.js and TypeScript framework on top of Express to write your application with TypeScript (or ES6). It provides a lot of decorators and guideline to make your code more readable and less error-prone.
Tap Tap Adventure
Tap Tap Adventure is a massively online 2D MMORPG set in the medieval times with twists.
Node Multiple Rooms Chat
node multiple room chat demo
Flask Full
starter/boilerplate flask application with celery, mongoengine, signals, shell commands, swagger api docs and sphinx docs integration
Sample Chat Electron based chat server and clients, implemented in NodeJS and distributed to Windows and MacOS.
Batcave client is chat app built with Electron and Angular2, with RxJS.
Syntaxmeets. Create rooms 🏠 Call your friends 👬🏼 Sip Chai, ☕ Chat, Create, and Code👨‍💻. A coding platform to code simultaneously 🚀 with your friends and design your algorithms on SyntaxPad.💫✨
Nestjs Example
NestJS example with GraphQL, Schema-Stitching, Dataloader, GraphQL Upload, RabbitMQ, Redis, Scalable Websocket and JWT authentication
flowmaker: JS to SVG flowchart generation extension for Vscode in realtime written in typescript and also download the SVG through local node server. Extension:
Easily swap realtime providers with a single code base
P2p Webrtc
p2p Video Call Connection by WebRTC
Tweet Locator
Tweet locator using Python, Flask and Twitter API Redux
Redux middleware to emit action via
Kawachat2 Client
Angular 4 Chat App using Socket.IO 2.0
Sacrificial Socket
A Go websocket library with an API similar to Socket.IO... but not Socket.IO
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