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Xarray Spatial
Raster-based Spatial Analysis for Python
Developer Support
Proof of concept developer code and samples to help be successful with all ArcGIS developer products (Python, NET, JavaScript, Android…). The repository is designed to be an exchange for sharing coding conventions and wisdom to developers at all skill levels.
Awesome Gis
😎Awesome GIS is a collection of geospatial related sources, including cartographic tools, geoanalysis tools, developer tools, data, conference & communities, news, massive open online course, some amazing map sites, and more.
R Package for accessing and plotting Google Maps
Raster Functions
A curated set of lightweight but powerful tools for on-the-fly image processing and raster analysis in ArcGIS.
Tidy Geospatial Networks in R
This book serves as an introduction to a whole new way of thinking systematically about geographic data, using geographical analysis and computation to unlock new insights hidden within data.
Development version of 'spatstat' package ..............................
depthmapX is a multi-platform Spatial Network Analysis Software
Powerful, efficient particle trajectory analysis in scientific Python.
peartree: A library for converting transit data into a directed graph for sketch network analysis.
Discrete Global Grids for R: Spatial Analysis Done Right
The zoon R package
Open framework for calculating spatial urban sprawl indices and performing disaggregated population estimates using open data
Landsat8 scene calculator
Creates NDVI, SAVI, RBG, NIR, short wave infrared, agriculture, geology, and bathymetric GeoTIFF files using Landsat8 imagery.
R package for Bayesian spatial and spatiotemporal GLMMs with possible extremes
Incubator Sedona
A cluster computing framework for processing large-scale geospatial data
High-level geospatial data visualization library for Python.
Repository contains pgRouting library. Development branch is "develop", stable branch is "master"
Java map matching library for integrating the map into software and services with state-of-the-art online and offline map matching that can be used stand-alone and in the cloud.
Gis Tools For Hadoop
The GIS Tools for Hadoop are a collection of GIS tools for spatial analysis of big data.
Pytorch geometric temporal
A Temporal Extension Library for PyTorch Geometric
Spatial Framework For Hadoop
The Spatial Framework for Hadoop allows developers and data scientists to use the Hadoop data processing system for spatial data analysis.
Google Earth Engine for R
Boost.Geometry - Generic Geometry Library | Requires C++14 since Boost 1.75
A Data Clinic project that aggregates NYC Open Data at the tract-level and uses Machine Learning techniques to re-imagine neighborhood boundaries.
Kuwala is the no-code data platform for BI analysts and engineers enabling you to build powerful analytics workflows. We are set out to bring state-of-the-art data engineering tools you love, such as Airbyte, dbt, or Great Expectations together in one intuitive interface built with React Flow. In addition we provide third-party data into data sc…
Implementation of ST-DBSCAN algorithm based on Birant 2007
characterizing spatial gene expression heterogeneity in spatially resolved single-cell transcriptomics data with nonuniform cellular densities
🌎 Python library to access all public routing, isochrones and matrix APIs in a consistent manner.
An introductory course on using R for geographic data visualisation and analysis (in Russian).
Progression path for a GIS analyst who wants to become proficient in using Python for GIS: from apprentice to guru
sabre: Spatial Association Between REgionalizations
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