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Golang Stats Api Handler
Golang cpu, memory, gc, etc information api handler.
Pm2 Server Monit
Monitor server CPU / Memory / Process / Zombie Process / Disk size / Security Packages / Network Input / Network Output
A leaderboard of the top open-source e-commerce platforms. Promoting the bests for building reliable stores.
Statistics package for Go [DEPRECATED]
Clickhouse exporter
This is a simple server that periodically scrapes ClickHouse stats and exports them via HTTP for Prometheus( consumption.
Mpv Stats
Display file statistics in mpv.
Scikit Posthocs
Multiple Pairwise Comparisons (Post Hoc) Tests in Python
React Scanner
Extract React components and props usage from code.
Go package for abstracting stats collection
A well tested and comprehensive Golang statistics library package with no dependencies.
Omnifocus Stats
📊 Stats tool for OmniFocus.
Gameday api
A Ruby API for using the Major League Baseball Gameday statistics data. MLB provides very deep statistics for all major league baseball games through Gameday. Statistics include not only the typical boxscore stats, but also down to the physics of every single pitch thrown in the game. You can find the speed, movement, and position of every pitch thrown. The Gameday API makes it easy for Ruby developers to work with all this statistical information. The test directory included with the source code contains many examples of how the API can be used. If you prefer to use SVN, the gameday_api is also available via an SVN repository at: If you like this project, be sure to also check out the Baseball-Tracker project also hosted on GitHub. Baseball-Tracker is a web application that uses the gameday_api. You can find a hosted version of Baseball Tracker at
Speed Measure Webpack Plugin
⏱ See how fast (or not) your plugins and loaders are, so you can optimise your builds
🔥 GitHub contribution streak & stat tracking menu bar app
Opencensus Erlang
A stats collection and distributed tracing framework
Docker Webui
Dockerized docker-webui ->
Opencensus Csharp
Distributed tracing and stats collecting framework
Opencensus Cpp
A stats collection and distributed tracing framework
✭ 123
Npm Stats Www
A website showing npm modules metrics
A python implementation of the common CHAID algorithm
Npm Stats
📈 npm package statistics dashboard build with vue
📊 A CLI application that fetches stats from developer sites
Webpack Format Messages
Beautiful formatting for Webpack messages; ported from Create React App!
Server Stats
Statsy is a easy to use open source PHP tool for developers, that allows you to return various types of information about your server.
Pinba2: new implementation of
Command-line interface to PyPI Stats API to get download stats for Python packages
Memcache Info
Simple and efficient way to show information about Memcache.
Json Stat
JSON-stat Toolkit version 0
superseriousstats is a fast and efficient program to create statistics out of various types of chat logs
Third Stats
A Thunderbird 78+ add-on for beautifully visualized email account stats
Github Traffic
Get the Github traffic for the specified repository
Next Stats Action
GitHub action for generating stats for Next.js pull requests
Npm Api
Node.js library for getting info from NPM’s API
Ruby Statistics
Ruby gem for some statistical operations without any statistical language dependency
A lightweight web dashboard for monitoring GPU usage
A flag submitter service with distributed attackers for attack/defense CTF games.
Detect anomalies in your GitHub/Gerrit projects
Epl Fantasy Geek
English Premier League 2017-18 Fantasy Stats for Geeks
Create a runtime menu system with buttons and windows for debugging in one line of code.
🚀 Instant live visualization of your Go application runtime statistics (GC, MemStats, etc.) in the browser
Just a little analytics insight for your personal or indie project
Miner Monitor
Miner, balance, wallet and pool monitoring software
Nba api
An API Client package to access the APIs for
This little app graph all Github history for a project, and push some data to a graphite server.
Mongo schema
Python Package to provide a rough schema for the mongodb collection
Gin Stats
Gin's middleware for request stats
Laravel Visits
📊 Laravel Visits is a counter that can be attached to any model to track its visits using Redis or Eloquent. (with tags, IP protection and caching)
Gramm is a complete data visualization toolbox for Matlab. It provides an easy to use and high-level interface to produce publication-quality plots of complex data with varied statistical visualizations. Gramm is inspired by R's ggplot2 library.
Go Runtime Metrics
Collect Golang Runtime Metrics, outputting to a stats handler
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