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Photo-Realistic Single Image Super-Resolution Using a Generative Adversarial Network
Master Thesis Bayesiancnn
Master Thesis on Bayesian Convolutional Neural Network using Variational Inference
Msrn Pytorch
This repository is a PyTorch version of the paper "Multi-scale Residual Network for Image Super-Resolution" (ECCV 2018).
Pytorch Lapsrn
Pytorch implementation for LapSRN (CVPR2017)
ICCV 2019 (oral) RankSRGAN: Generative Adversarial Networks with Ranker for Image Super-Resolution. PyTorch implementation
Code repo for "Cross-Scale Internal Graph Neural Network for Image Super-Resolution" (NeurIPS'20)
PaddlePaddle GAN library, including lots of interesting applications like First-Order motion transfer, wav2lip, picture repair, image editing, photo2cartoon, image style transfer, and so on.
Highres Net
Pytorch implementation of HighRes-net, a neural network for multi-frame super-resolution, trained and tested on the European Space Agency’s Kelvin competition.
Deep Iterative Collaboration
Pytorch implementation of Deep Face Super-Resolution with Iterative Collaboration between Attentive Recovery and Landmark Estimation (CVPR 2020)
iSeeBetter: Spatio-Temporal Video Super Resolution using Recurrent-Generative Back-Projection Networks | Python3 | PyTorch | GANs | CNNs | ResNets | RNNs | Published in Springer Journal of Computational Visual Media, September 2020, Tsinghua University Press
PyTorch codes for "Progressive Semantic-Aware Style Transformation for Blind Face Restoration"
A pytorch implementation of Paper "Wavelet-srnet: A wavelet-based cnn for multi-scale face super resolution"
Meta-Transfer Learning for Zero-Shot Super-Resolution (CVPR, 2020)
Pytorch Zssr
PyTorch implementation of 1712.06087 "Zero-Shot" Super-Resolution using Deep Internal Learning
Super resolution with cnns and gans
Image Super-Resolution Using SRCNN, DRRN, SRGAN, CGAN in Pytorch
GPU-accelerated Levenberg-Marquardt curve fitting in CUDA
Video Super Resolution
Video super resolution implemented in Pytorch
Plug-and-Play Image Restoration with Deep Denoiser Prior (PyTorch)
PyTorch on Super Resolution
Official Pytorch Implementation for Trinity of Pixel Enhancement: a Joint Solution for Demosaicing, Denoising and Super-Resolution
A Pytorch Tutorial To Super Resolution
Photo-Realistic Single Image Super-Resolution Using a Generative Adversarial Network | a PyTorch Tutorial to Super-Resolution
Frame-Recurrent Video Super-Resolution (official repository)
[Params: Only 272K!!!] Efficient Image Super-Resolution Using Pixel Attention, in ECCV Workshop, 2020.
CVPR2019 (oral) Modulating Image Restoration with Continual Levels via Adaptive Feature Modification Layers (AdaFM). PyTorch implementation
Open Source Image and Video Restoration Toolbox for Super-resolution, Denoise, Deblurring, etc. Currently, it includes EDSR, RCAN, SRResNet, SRGAN, ESRGAN, EDVR, BasicVSR, SwinIR, ECBSR, etc. Also support StyleGAN2, DFDNet.
Waifu2x Extension
Image, GIF and Video enlarger/upscaler achieved with waifu2x and Anime4K. [NO LONGER UPDATED]
Awesome Cvpr2021 Cvpr2020 Low Level Vision
A Collection of Papers and Codes for CVPR2021/CVPR2020 Low Level Vision
Keras Image Super Resolution
Enhancenet Code
EnhanceNet: Single Image Super-Resolution Through Automated Texture Synthesis (official repository)
Rdn Tensorflow
A TensorFlow implementation of CVPR 2018 paper "Residual Dense Network for Image Super-Resolution".
Patch-base progressive 3D Point Set Upsampling
Image Upscaling in Javascript. Increase image resolution up to 4x using Tensorflow.js.
Densely Residual Laplacian Super-resolution, IEEE Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI), 2020
Deeply Recursive Cnn Tf
Test implementation of Deeply-Recursive Convolutional Network for Image Super-Resolution
Awesome Eccv2020 Low Level Vision
A Collection of Papers and Codes for ECCV2020 Low Level Vision or Image Reconstruction
Test Time Augmentation (TTA) wrapper for computer vision tasks: segmentation, classification, super-resolution, ... etc.
Supper Resolution
Super-resolution (SR) is a method of creating images with higher resolution from a set of low resolution images.
Natural and Realistic Single Image Super-Resolution with Explicit Natural Manifold Discrimination (CVPR, 2019)
Idn Caffe
Caffe implementation of "Fast and Accurate Single Image Super-Resolution via Information Distillation Network" (CVPR 2018)
Vsr Duf Reimplement
It is a re-implementation of paper named "Deep Video Super-Resolution Network Using Dynamic Upsampling Filters Without Explicit Motion Compensation" called VSR-DUF model. There are both training codes and test codes about VSR-DUF based tensorflow.
3d Gan Superresolution
3D super-resolution using Generative Adversarial Networks
Latest Development Of Isr Vsr
Latest development of ISR/VSR. Papers and related resources, mainly state-of-the-art and novel works in ICCV, ECCV and CVPR about image super-resolution and video super-resolution.
Super Resolution Videos
Applying SRGAN technique implemented in on videos to super resolve them.
The py version of toflow →
Coarse-to-Fine CNN for Image Super-Resolution (IEEE Transactions on Multimedia,2020)
Super Resolution of picture images using deep learning
Torch Srgan
torch implementation of srgan
Official implementation: Intermediate Layer Optimization for Inverse Problems using Deep Generative Models
Scn matlab
Matlab reimplementation of SCNSR
Esrgan Tf2
ESRGAN (Enhanced Super-Resolution Generative Adversarial Networks, published in ECCV 2018) implemented in Tensorflow 2.0+. This is an unofficial implementation. With Colab.
A collection of state-of-the-art video or single-image super-resolution architectures, reimplemented in tensorflow.
Tensorflow Espcn
TensorFlow implementation of the Efficient Sub-Pixel Convolutional Neural Network
Code repo for "Deep Generative Adversarial Residual Convolutional Networks for Real-World Super-Resolution" (CVPRW NTIRE2020).
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