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Speech Emotion Recognition
Speech emotion recognition implemented in Keras (LSTM, CNN, SVM, MLP) | 语音情感识别
SimpleSvmHook is a research purpose hypervisor for Windows on AMD processors.
A minimalistic educational hypervisor for Windows on AMD processors.
Dash Svm
Interactive SVM Explorer, using Dash and scikit-learn
Svm Classification Localization
HoG, PCA, PSO, Hard Negative Mining, Sliding Window, Edge Boxes, NMS
Tiny ml
numpy 实现的 周志华《机器学习》书中的算法及其他一些传统机器学习算法
Ml Projects
ML based projects such as Spam Classification, Time Series Analysis, Text Classification using Random Forest, Deep Learning, Bayesian, Xgboost in Python
LinearGo (Go wrapper for LIBLINEAR): A Library for Large Linear Classification
Vehicle Detection Yolo Ver
real-time Vehicle Detection( tiny YOLO ver) and HOG+SVM method
Facial Expression Recognition Svm
Training SVM classifier to recognize people expressions (emotions) on Fer2013 dataset
Mnist Classification
Pytorch、Scikit-learn实现多种分类方法,包括逻辑回归(Logistic Regression)、多层感知机(MLP)、支持向量机(SVM)、K近邻(KNN)、CNN、RNN,极简代码适合新手小白入门,附英文实验报告(ACM模板)
TextClf :基于Pytorch/Sklearn的文本分类框架,包括逻辑回归、SVM、TextCNN、TextRNN、TextRCNN、DRNN、DPCNN、Bert等多种模型,通过简单配置即可完成数据处理、模型训练、测试等过程。
Gaussian Process package based on data augmentation, sparsity and natural gradients
Defect Detection Classifier
Visual Defect Detection on Boiler Water Wall Tube Using Small Dataset
Nlp Journey
Documents, papers and codes related to Natural Language Processing, including Topic Model, Word Embedding, Named Entity Recognition, Text Classificatin, Text Generation, Text Similarity, Machine Translation),etc. All codes are implemented intensorflow 2.0.
hook msr by amd svm
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Vehicle counting hog svm
Vehicle detection, tracking and counting by SVM is trained with HOG features using OpenCV on c++.
Gru Svm
[ICMLC 2018] A Neural Network Architecture Combining Gated Recurrent Unit (GRU) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) for Intrusion Detection
Vehicle Detection And Tracking
Udacity Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree. Project: Vehicle Detection and Tracking
⛈️ Rumble 1.11.0 "Banyan Tree"🌳 for Apache Spark | Run queries on your large-scale, messy JSON-like data (JSON, text, CSV, Parquet, ROOT, AVRO, SVM...) | No install required (just a jar to download) | Declarative Machine Learning and more
Vehicle Detection
Vehicle detection using machine learning and computer vision techniques for Udacity's Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree.
Online Svr
Implementation of Accurate Online Support Vector Regression in Python.
Glcm Svm
Smart Surveillance System Using Raspberry Pi
This is my Third Year Project for face recognition using OpenCV
Patternrecognition matlab
Feature reduction projections and classifier models are learned by training dataset and applied to classify testing dataset. A few approaches of feature reduction have been compared in this paper: principle component analysis (PCA), linear discriminant analysis (LDA) and their kernel methods (KPCA,KLDA). Correspondingly, a few approaches of classification algorithm are implemented: Support Vector Machine (SVM), Gaussian Quadratic Maximum Likelihood and K-nearest neighbors (KNN) and Gaussian Mixture Model(GMM).
Svm kernel
x86_64 AMD kernel optimized for performance & hypervisor usage
Machine learning
The homework of my 3rd-term
Handwriting Number Classification
A computer vision project, based on cimg library and svm training, to classify handwriting number.
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The Operator Splitting QP Solver
Java Statistical Analysis Tool, a Java library for Machine Learning
Machine Learning In Action
Vehicle Detection
Created vehicle detection pipeline with two approaches: (1) deep neural networks (YOLO framework) and (2) support vector machines ( OpenCV + HOG).
Machine Learning
Pytorch classification
Liblinear Java
Java version of LIBLINEAR
Rb Libsvm
Ruby language bindings for LIBSVM
Pedestrian detection
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This is the page for the book Digital Signal Processing with Kernel Methods.
This repository contains all the programming exercises in Python for the Coursera course called "Machine Learning" by Adjunct Professor Andrew Ng at Stanford University.
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