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Top 17 task-management open source projects

Functions to keep TODO tasks in orgmode sorted and organized.
Effective: end-to-end encrypted project management for activists and human rights organizations. Making activists 10x more powerful via ultra effective communities of action and autonomous software. [deprecated]
Synchronization between Taskwarrior tasks and services such as Google Calendar, Notion and Google Keep. Formerly taskw_gcal_sync
🏃‍♀️ Minimalistic CLI Tool for Managing and Running Bash Snippets
Plugin for that assists with managing tasks within a document.
Pro_Act provides you with an efficient way of managing your tasks. It works on the principals of divide and conquer, allows the user to enter tasks and then divide them into further sub-tasks and handle them efficiently! Best when working with team to be updated about the tasks that are completed and those that are yet to be done.
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