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( CVPR2019 Oral ) Taking A Closer Look at Domain Shift: Category-level Adversaries for Semantics Consistent Domain Adaptation
A PyTorch implementation of "Graph Classification Using Structural Attention" (KDD 2018).
Dureader Bert
BERT Dureader多文档阅读理解 排名第七
Seg Uncertainty
IJCAI2020 & IJCV 2020 🌇 Unsupervised Scene Adaptation with Memory Regularization in vivo
Freeze the Discriminator: a Simple Baseline for Fine-Tuning GANs (CVPRW 2020)
Galaxy Image Classifier Tensorflow
Classify whether an image is of a Spiral or an Elliptical Galaxy using Transfer Learning (Tensorflow)
Transfer Learning library for Deep Neural Networks.
Kashgari is a production-level NLP Transfer learning framework built on top of tf.keras for text-labeling and text-classification, includes Word2Vec, BERT, and GPT2 Language Embedding.
Pytorch Retraining
Transfer Learning Shootout for PyTorch's model zoo (torchvision)
Accel Brain Code
The purpose of this repository is to make prototypes as case study in the context of proof of concept(PoC) and research and development(R&D) that I have written in my website. The main research topics are Auto-Encoders in relation to the representation learning, the statistical machine learning for energy-based models, adversarial generation networks(GANs), Deep Reinforcement Learning such as Deep Q-Networks, semi-supervised learning, and neural network language model for natural language processing.
Cvpr18 Inaturalist Transfer
Large Scale Fine-Grained Categorization and Domain-Specific Transfer Learning. CVPR 2018
Learn To Select Data
Code for Learning to select data for transfer learning with Bayesian Optimization
Sluice Networks
Code for Sluice networks: Learning what to share between loosely related tasks
Pytorch Imagenet Models Example + Transfer Learning (and fine-tuning)
code released for our ICML 2020 paper "Do We Really Need to Access the Source Data? Source Hypothesis Transfer for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation"
Mk Tfjs
Play MK.js with TensorFlow.js
LASER multilingual sentence embeddings as a pip package
Improving Generalization via Scalable Neighborhood Component Analysis
Sigir2020 peterrec
Parameter-Efficient Transfer from Sequential Behaviors for User Modeling and Recommendation
🔍 Haystack is an open source NLP framework that leverages Transformer models. It enables developers to implement production-ready neural search, question answering, semantic document search and summarization for a wide range of applications.
Convolutional Handwriting Gan
ScrabbleGAN: Semi-Supervised Varying Length Handwritten Text Generation (CVPR20)
Awesome Transfer Learning
Best transfer learning and domain adaptation resources (papers, tutorials, datasets, etc.)
Tensorflow Implementation of PathNet: Evolution Channels Gradient Descent in Super Neural Networks
Starcraft Ai
Reinforcement Learning and Transfer Learning based StarCraft Micromanagement
Tweet Stance Prediction
Applying NLP transfer learning techniques to predict Tweet stance
Ddc Transfer Learning
A simple implementation of Deep Domain Confusion: Maximizing for Domain Invariance
Deep Learning: Image classification, feature visualization and transfer learning with Keras
Transfer Learning Conv Ai
🦄 State-of-the-Art Conversational AI with Transfer Learning
CausalWorld: A Robotic Manipulation Benchmark for Causal Structure and Transfer Learning
Library of transfer learners and domain-adaptive classifiers.
This Repository contains all tensorflow tutorials.
jiant is an NLP toolkit
Cross Domain ner
Cross-domain NER using cross-domain language modeling, code for ACL 2019 paper
🏡 Fast & easy transfer learning for NLP. Harvesting language models for the industry. Focus on Question Answering.
Pathnet Pytorch
PyTorch implementation of PathNet: Evolution Channels Gradient Descent in Super Neural Networks
tensorflow deep RL for driving a rover around
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