Top 325 transformer open source projects

Ner Bert Pytorch
PyTorch solution of named entity recognition task Using Google AI's pre-trained BERT model.
Tool for visualizing attention in the Transformer model (BERT, GPT-2, Albert, XLNet, RoBERTa, CTRL, etc.)
Relational Rnn Pytorch
An implementation of DeepMind's Relational Recurrent Neural Networks in PyTorch.
Gpt2 Newstitle
Chinese NewsTitle Generation Project by GPT2.带有超级详细注释的中文GPT2新闻标题生成项目。
PostHTML is a tool to transform HTML/XML with JS plugins
Easy to use NLP library built on PyTorch and TorchText
Jddc solution 4th
Meshed Memory Transformer
Meshed-Memory Transformer for Image Captioning. CVPR 2020
Multigraph transformer
transformer, multi-graph transformer, graph, graph classification, sketch recognition, sketch classification, free-hand sketch, official code of the paper "Multi-Graph Transformer for Free-Hand Sketch Recognition"
Self Attention Cv
Implementation of various self-attention mechanisms focused on computer vision. Ongoing repository.
NLP Core Library and Model Zoo based on PaddlePaddle 2.0
The efficient and elegant JSON:API 1.1 server library for PHP
[ECCV'2020] STTN: Learning Joint Spatial-Temporal Transformations for Video Inpainting
Hardware Aware Transformers
[ACL 2020] HAT: Hardware-Aware Transformers for Efficient Natural Language Processing
Bert Chainer
Chainer implementation of "BERT: Pre-training of Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding"
Linear Attention Transformer
Transformer based on a variant of attention that is linear complexity in respect to sequence length
Pytorch Transformer
pytorch implementation of Attention is all you need
Lumen Api Starter
Lumen 8 基础上扩展出的API 启动项目,精心设计的目录结构,规范统一的响应数据格式,Repository 模式架构的最佳实践。
Gpt Scrolls
A collaborative collection of open-source safe GPT-3 prompts that work well
Graph Transformer Architecture. Source code for "A Generalization of Transformer Networks to Graphs", DLG-AAAI'21.
Open-Source Toolkit for End-to-End Korean Automatic Speech Recognition.
Graph Transformer
Transformer for Graph Classification (Pytorch and Tensorflow)
Sentiment analysis neural network trained by fine-tuning BERT, ALBERT, or DistilBERT on the Stanford Sentiment Treebank.
Fairseq Image Captioning
Transformer-based image captioning extension for pytorch/fairseq
Transformer Clinic
Understanding the Difficulty of Training Transformers
Tensorflow Ml Nlp
텐서플로우와 머신러닝으로 시작하는 자연어처리(로지스틱회귀부터 트랜스포머 챗봇까지)
End2end Asr Pytorch
End-to-End Automatic Speech Recognition on PyTorch
Gpt 2 Tensorflow2.0
OpenAI GPT2 pre-training and sequence prediction implementation in Tensorflow 2.0
Eeg Dl
A Deep Learning library for EEG Tasks (Signals) Classification, based on TensorFlow.
Medical Transformer
Pytorch Code for "Medical Transformer: Gated Axial-Attention for Medical Image Segmentation"
Embedding As Service
One-Stop Solution to encode sentence to fixed length vectors from various embedding techniques
Transformers for Longer Sequences
Transformer Pytorch
Transformer implementation in PyTorch.
集成了Tensorflow 2版本的端到端语音识别模型,并且RTF(实时率)在0.1左右/Mandarin State-of-the-art Automatic Speech Recognition in Tensorflow 2
The Story Of Heads
This is a repository with the code for the ACL 2019 paper "Analyzing Multi-Head Self-Attention: Specialized Heads Do the Heavy Lifting, the Rest Can Be Pruned" and the paper "Analyzing Source and Target Contributions to NMT Predictions".
Transformer with Untied Positional Encoding (TUPE). Code of paper "Rethinking Positional Encoding in Language Pre-training". Improve existing models like BERT.
Summarization, translation, sentiment-analysis, text-generation and more at blazing speed using a T5 version implemented in ONNX.
Nlp research
NLP research:基于tensorflow的nlp深度学习项目,支持文本分类/句子匹配/序列标注/文本生成 四大任务
Transformer In Generating Dialogue
An Implementation of 'Attention is all you need' with Chinese Corpus
Computer vision tools for fairseq, containing PyTorch implementation of text recognition and object detection
[CVPR 2021, Oral] PREDATOR: Registration of 3D Point Clouds with Low Overlap.
Code for the paper "KISS: Keeping it Simple for Scene Text Recognition"
Getting Started With Google Bert
Build and train state-of-the-art natural language processing models using BERT
Multi-turn dialogue baselines written in PyTorch
Protoc Gen Struct Transformer
Transformation functions generator for Protocol Buffers.
Implementation of the convolutional module from the Conformer paper, for use in Transformers
Esbuild Jest
A Jest transformer using esbuild
Bert ocr.pytorch
Unofficial PyTorch implementation of 2D Attentional Irregular Scene Text Recognizer
reference tensorflow code for named entity tagging
Datasets I have created for scientific summarization, and a trained BertSum model
Njunmt Tf
An open-source neural machine translation system developed by Natural Language Processing Group, Nanjing University.
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