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Wukong Robot
🤖 wukong-robot 是一个简单、灵活、优雅的中文语音对话机器人/智能音箱项目,还可能是首个支持脑机交互的开源智能音箱项目。
Implementation of Google Brain's WaveGrad high-fidelity vocoder (paper: First implementation on GitHub.
A Demo of Mandarin/Chinese TTS frontend
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A TensorFlow implementation of Google's Tacotron speech synthesis with pre-trained model (unofficial)
Mimic Recording Studio
Mimic Recording Studio is a Docker-based application you can install to record voice samples, which can then be trained into a TTS voice with Mimic2
Multi Tacotron Voice Cloning
Phoneme multilingual(Russian-English) voice cloning based on
Tacotron Pytorch
Pytorch implementation of Tacotron
Speaker adapted tts
Making a TTS model with 1 minute of speech samples within 10 minutes
Google Tts
Google TTS (Text-To-Speech) for node.js
Gst Tacotron
A PyTorch implementation of Style Tokens: Unsupervised Style Modeling, Control and Transfer in End-to-End Speech Synthesis
Mrcp Plugin With Freeswitch
使用FreeSWITCH接受用户手机呼叫,通过UniMRCP Server集成讯飞开放平台(xfyun)插件将用户语音进行语音识别(ASR),并根据自定义业务逻辑调用语音合成(TTS),构建简单的端到端语音呼叫中心。
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Implementation of "MelNet: A Generative Model for Audio in the Frequency Domain"
Tts Papers
🐸 collection of TTS papers
Automatic Youtube Reddit Text To Speech Video Generator And Uploader
A series of 3 programs that will automatically receive scripts from Reddit, allow the user to edit them, then be sent off to a video generator where they will be uploaded to YouTube automatically.
aeneas is a Python/C library and a set of tools to automagically synchronize audio and text (aka forced alignment)
Awesome Speech Recognition Speech Synthesis Papers
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Speaker Verification, Speech Synthesis, Text-to-Speech (TTS), Language Modelling, Singing Voice Synthesis (SVS), Voice Conversion (VC)
A TensorFlow Implementation of Tacotron: A Fully End-to-End Text-To-Speech Synthesis Model
😝 TensorFlowTTS: Real-Time State-of-the-art Speech Synthesis for Tensorflow 2 (supported including English, French, Korean, Chinese, German and Easy to adapt for other languages)
Amazon Polly Sample
Sample application for Amazon Polly. Allows to convert any blog into an audio podcast.
Android MARY TTS - an open-source, offline HMM-Based text-to-speech synthesis system based on MaryTTS
Javascript Text to speech library
MARY TTS -- an open-source, multilingual text-to-speech synthesis system written in pure java
Deepvoice3 pytorch
PyTorch implementation of convolutional neural networks-based text-to-speech synthesis models
Implementation of "Duration Informed Attention Network for Multimodal Synthesis" ( paper.
Crystal - C++ implementation of a unified framework for multilingual TTS synthesis engine with SSML specification as interface.
Singing synthesis from MIDI file
Zerospeech Tts Without T
A Pytorch implementation for the ZeroSpeech 2019 challenge.
My Appdaemon
My apps, my helpfiles, all about AppDaemon for Home Assistant
Creative Audio/Textbook Maker 🎵 📖 See our YouTube channel
Python library and CLI tool to interface with Google Translate's text-to-speech API
TTS for pitch-accented language. Korean dialect DB.
A PHP library to convert text to speech using various web services
Tools to convert text to speech 📚💬
Cnn vocoder
A fast cnn-based vocoder
Drachtio Freeswitch Modules
A collection of open-sourced freeswitch modules that I use in various drachtio applications
Cs224n Gpu That Talks
Attention, I'm Trying to Speak: End-to-end speech synthesis (CS224n '18)
Automatic Speech Recognition(ASR), Text-To-Speech(TTS) engine for Chinese.
Py Nltools
A collection of basic python modules for spoken natural language processing
Dc tts
A TensorFlow Implementation of DC-TTS: yet another text-to-speech model
Awesome Tts Samples
Awesome list of TTS papers with audio samples
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LightSpeech: Lightweight and Fast Text to Speech with Neural Architecture Search
Jsut Lab
HTS-style full-context labels for JSUT v1.1
Chinese real time voice cloning (VC) and Chinese text to speech (TTS). 好用的中文语音克隆兼中文语音合成系统,包含语音编码器、语音合成器、声码器和可视化模块。
Chinese text-to-speech engine
Unofficial Parallel WaveGAN (+ MelGAN & Multi-band MelGAN) with Pytorch
🤖💬 Transformer TTS: Implementation of a non-autoregressive Transformer based neural network for text to speech.
Real Time Voice Cloning
Clone a voice in 5 seconds to generate arbitrary speech in real-time
an open-source implementation of sequence-to-sequence based speech processing engine
Audio samples accompanying publications related to Tacotron, an end-to-end speech synthesis model.
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