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Simple Text Formetter (Credit Card Number, Phone Number, Serial Number etc.) Can be used in all text inputs according to the format pattern. If desired, large minor character restrictions can be made in the format pattern.
Clamav Validator
Laravel virus validator based on ClamAV anti-virus scanner
A configuration file validator for Kubernetes.
An RPKI Validator written in Rust
A simple, fast, extensible python library for data validation.
Email address
The EmailAddress Gem to work with and validate email addresses.
XML Schema validator and data conversion library for Python
Validot is a performance-first, compact library for advanced model validation. Using a simple declarative fluent interface, it efficiently handles classes, structs, nested members, collections, nullables, plus any relation or combination of them. It also supports translations, custom logic extensions with tests, and DI containers.
The power of Respect Validation on Laravel
Ajv Keywords
Custom JSON-Schema keywords for Ajv validator
Ajv Errors
Custom error messages in JSON-Schema for Ajv
We Validator
💯 简单灵活的表单验证插件,支持小程序、浏览器以及Nodejs端使用
The Validator component provides tools to validate values following the JSR-303 Bean Validation specification.
Ozzo Validation
An idiomatic Go (golang) validation package. Supports configurable and extensible validation rules (validators) using normal language constructs instead of error-prone struct tags.
Grunt Html
Grunt plugin for html validation
Validation Composite
Allows uniting of several validation rules into single one for easy re-usage
ASP.NET Core - Transform server-side validations to client-side without writing any javascript code. (Compatible with Fluent Validation)
Property Validator
✅ Easy property validation for JavaScript, Node and Express.
Class Transformer Validator
A simple plugin for class-transformer and class-validator which combines them in a nice and programmer-friendly API.
Schema Typed
Schema for data modeling & validation
Ajv Cli
Use 'Another Json Validator' (ajv) from the command line
Khronos-reference front end for GLSL/ESSL, partial front end for HLSL, and a SPIR-V generator.
galimatias is a URL parsing and normalization library written in Java.
🔒 Laravel farsi/persian validation
Ember Model Validator
ember-cli addon adds validation support to your Ember-Data models.
Validate and sanitize arrays and objects.
Codeless solution for form validation in iOS!
Awesome Python Models
A curated list of awesome Python libraries, which implement models, schemas, serializers/deserializers, ODM's/ORM's, Active Records or similar patterns.
Laravel Zip Validator
Laravel ZIP file content validator
A tool to validate text inside TextInputLayout
Spring extend componets which build from experience of bussiness, let developers to develop with Spring Boot as fast as possible.(基于Spring生态打造的一系列来自业务上的快速开发模块集合。)
PHP Email address validator
Cpf Cnpj Validator
Valida e formata strings de CPF ou CNPJ.
Gin Web
由gin + gorm + jwt + casbin组合实现的RBAC权限管理脚手架Golang版, 搭建完成即可快速、高效投入业务开发
Ajv I18n
Internationalised error messages for Ajv JSON-Schema validator
Password-strength validator for Symfony
Ngx Dynamic Form Builder
FormBuilder + class-transformer + class-validator = dynamic form group builder for Angular10+
The fastest JSON schema Validator. Supports JSON Schema draft-04/06/07/2019-09/2020-12 and JSON Type Definition (RFC8927)
A command-line validation tool for AWS Cloud Formation that allows to conquer the cloud faster!
Validator Web
Unicorn - W3C's Unified Validator
A reasonably safe JSON Schema validator with draft-04/06/07/2019-09 support.
Stylelint Validator
Stylelint plugin to validate CSS syntax
A tiny class validation library.
Micro check library in Golang.
Csv File Validator
🔧🔦 Validation of CSV file against user defined schema (returns back object with data and invalid messages)
Node Har Validator
Extremely fast HTTP Archive (HAR) validator using JSON Schema
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