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A Python module to decode video frames directly, using the FFmpeg C API.
Unsupervised Video
[CVPR 2017] Unsupervised deep learning using unlabelled videos on the web
RVOS: End-to-End Recurrent Network for Video Object Segmentation (CVPR 2019)
Optivideoeditor For Ios
Native Video editor : Video trim, Audio, Video merge, Slow and fast motion, Video transition, Text and image, Filters, etc...
ActionVLAD for video action classification (CVPR 2017)
a lightweight video editing library for go (trimming, resizing, cropping, and more!)
Optivideoeditor For Android
Native Video editor : Video trim, Audio, Video merge, Slow and fast motion, Text and image, etc...
MetalImage is more faster and powerful than opengles for iOS. It is very similar to GPUImage framework, but perform a better 3D rendering and multithreads computing abilities.
iSeeBetter: Spatio-Temporal Video Super Resolution using Recurrent-Generative Back-Projection Networks | Python3 | PyTorch | GANs | CNNs | ResNets | RNNs | Published in Springer Journal of Computational Visual Media, September 2020, Tsinghua University Press
Learning Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation through Visual Attention (CVPR19, PAMI20)
Console Interface and Library to remove silent parts of a media file 🔈
The free and open source solution for automated video capture and distribution at scale.
Online Video Editor
API based Online Video Editing using FFMPEG & NodeJs for Backend Editing
Gpuimage X
A Cross-platform (for both Android & iOS) Framework for GPU-based Filters, Video and Image Processing.
Mlv App
All in one MLV processing app that is pretty great. Download:
Filestack Android
Official Android SDK for Filestack - API and content management system that makes it easy to add powerful file uploading and transformation capabilities to any web or mobile application.
Demo projects for iOS Audio & Video development.
Generate maps of your position throughout PUBG gameplay
HTML video editor with FFmpeg
Awesome Video
A curated list of awesome video frameworks, libraries, specifications and software.
Radiance is video art software for VJs. It supports beat detection, animated GIFs, YouTube video, OpenGL shader effects. It is designed for live performance and runs on Linux and MacOS.
Video to Text: Generates description in natural language for given video (Video Captioning)
UI and Automation to cut, filter and join high quality webms, mp4s or gifs.
Screen Recorder Ffmpeg Cpp
*Multimedia project* A screen recording application to capture your desktop and store in a video format. Click here to watch the demo
Conv2mp4 Ps
This Powershell script will recursively search through a user-defined file path and convert all videos of user-specified file types to MP4 with H264 video and AAC audio using ffmpeg. The purpose of this script is to reduce transcoding CPU load on a media server like Plex or Emby and increase video compatibility across platforms.
A Python wrapper of NVIDIA Video Loader (NVVL) with CuPy for fast video loading with Python
Freely painted area in a video, the software will automatically be cut out.
With this software, you can do all kinds of Personalised Customize and beautifying to your videos.
🎥 Python and OpenCV-based scene cut/transition detection program & library.
Collection of Docker images for ML/DL and video processing projects
MetalVideoProcess is a High-Performance video effects processing framework. It's base on GPUImage3 Metal, support asynchronous and multithread processing.
AI Video Processing/Upscaling With VapourSynth in Google Colab
A video composition framework build on top of AVFoundation. It's simple to use and easy to extend.
Mux Elixir
Official Mux API wrapper for Elixir projects, supporting both Mux Data and Mux Video.
一个基于node.js的高速短视频加工库 A fast short video processing library based on node.js
Python framework that facilitates the quick development of complex video analysis applications and other series-processing based applications in a multiprocessing environment.
A GPU accelerated image and video processing framework built on Metal.
Trim mode for mpv — Turn mpv into Lossless Audio / Video Editor.
Arcan - [Display Server, Multimedia Framework, Game Engine] -> "Desktop Engine"
A demo project demonstrating how to add filter, drawing, and text to a video
Ffmpeg Libav Tutorial
FFmpeg libav tutorial - learn how media works from basic to transmuxing, transcoding and more
Real-time 3D face tracking and reconstruction from 2D video
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