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Generator Api
🚀 Yeoman generator for creating RESTful NodeJS APIs, using ES6, Mongoose and Express
A new command line tool and developer framework for scaffolding out GitHub projects. Generate offers the robustness and configurability of Yeoman, the expressiveness and simplicity of Slush, and more powerful flow control and composability than either.
Generator Chisel
Chisel is a development framework for creating easy to maintain and fast WordPress websites
Template your base files and generate new projects from Git(Hub).
Generator Web Extension
Advanced WebExtension generator that creates everything you need to get started with cross-browser web-extension development.
Generator Spfx
Open-source generator to extend the capabilities of the Microsoft SPFx generator
Generator Micro Service
🛫 Yeoman generator to kick-start your microservice with `micro` and `ava`!
Generator Android Mvp Starter
[Yeoman Generator] Generate MVP Architecture for Android App using
Generator Hexo Theme
Generate a hexo theme: ejs, pug, swig, nunjucks | Moved to
Generator Fountain Vue
Yeoman 'fountain' generator to start a webapp with Vue
Generator Hapi Style
📦 Yeoman generator for scaffolding hapi apps and plugins
Generator Fountain Angular1
Yeoman 'fountain' generator to start a webapp with Angular 1
♻️ micro-generator for individual files, easy like sunday morning 🌅
Generator Fountain Angular2
Yeoman 'fountain' generator to start a webapp with Angular 2
Generator Android Architecture
[Yeoman Generator] Create android app using googlesamples/android-architecture.
Generator Django Rest
Yeoman generator for a Django REST/GraphQL API, an optional React SPA & lots more!
A Yeoman generator for Modern Web development projects
Generator Craftplugin
generator-craftplugin is a Yeoman generator for Craft CMS plugins
Generator Rn Toolbox
The React Native Generator to bootstrap your apps
Generator Swiftserver
WARNING: This repository is no longer maintained
Generator Craftinstall
DEPRECATED generator-craftinstall is a Yeoman generator for Craft CMS installs
Generator Buildabanner
Yeoman workflow to get a standard or DoubleClick banner started quickly.
Generator Http Fake Backend
Yeoman generator for building a fake backend by providing the content of JSON files or JavaScript objects through configurable routes.
Rails-inspired generator system that provides scaffolding for your apps
Relay Fullstack
☝️🏃 Modern Relay Starter Kit - Integrated with Relay, GraphQL, Express, ES6/ES7, JSX, Webpack, Babel, Material Design Lite, and PostCSS
Generator Helix
Generate Helix compliant solutions with Yeoman.
⚔ Futuristic scaffolding tool
Generator Angular Auto Admin Loopback
Generator for automatic CRUD angular backend for loopback apps and apis
Generator Express Es6
Yeoman generator for Express.js
Prompt Checkbox
This repository has been archived, use Enquirer instead.
Generator Metalsmith
Yeoman generator for Metalsmith
Generator Mage2
Yeoman generator for Magento 2 extensions (modules and themes)
Generator Infinitely Static
💫 Static page generator with routes support thats infinitely awesome
Project Name
Get the name of a project from package.json, git config, or basename of the current working directory.
Generator Gulp Express Webapp
Yeoman generator for building a simple web app using express + gulp. This project contains proper project and build structure to be easily extensible.
🚀 A command line tool aims to improve front-end engineer workflow and standard, powered by TypeScript.
Generator Modular Angular
A truly modular yeoman generator for AngularJS all device apps.
Generator Node Module
A Yeoman module to author Node libraries with Prettier, Jest, Flow and Babel.
Create Graphql
Command-line utility to build production-ready servers with GraphQL.
Generator Webapp
A gulp.js generator for modern webapps
Generator Sails Rest Api
Yeoman generator for scaffolding Sails REST API with predefined features
Generator Jekyllized
A Yeoman generator for Jekyll to rapidly build sites using Gulp
CLI tool for running Yeoman generators
Botbuilder Samples
Welcome to the Bot Framework samples repository. Here you will find task-focused samples in C#, JavaScript and TypeScript to help you get started with the Bot Framework SDK!
Kratos Boilerplate
🔥 A simple boilerplate for creating statics PWA using Webpack, Pug, PostCSS and CSS Modules
Generator Webappstarter
Quick start a web app for mobile.Automatically adjusts according to a device’s screen size without any extra work.
Generator Phaser
A yeoman generator for phaser games
Yeoman generator for landing project powered by Gulp
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