Top 566 cython open source projects

1. Pomegranate
Fast, flexible and easy to use probabilistic modelling in Python.
2. Cyvcf2
cython + htslib == fast VCF and BCF processing
3. Finance Python
python tools for Finance with the functionality of indicator calculation, business day calculation and so on.
4. Scikit Build
Improved build system generator for CPython C, C++, Cython and Fortran extensions
5. Pyslurm
Python Interface to Slurm
7. Pyxdameraulevenshtein
pyxDamerauLevenshtein implements the Damerau-Levenshtein (DL) edit distance algorithm for Python in Cython for high performance.
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8. Sparse dot topn
Python package to accelerate the sparse matrix multiplication and top-n similarity selection
9. Convolve
Simple demonstration of separable convolutions
10. Lsh
Locality Sensitive Hashing using MinHash in Python/Cython to detect near duplicate text documents
11. Recsys course at polimi
This is the official repository for the Recommender Systems course at Politecnico di Milano.
12. Pyfhel
PYthon For Homomorphic Encryption Libraries, perform encrypted computations such as sum, mult, scalar product or matrix multiplication in Python, with NumPy compatibility. Uses SEAL/PALISADE as backends, implemented using Cython.
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14. Cython Blis
💥 Fast matrix-multiplication as a self-contained Python library – no system dependencies!
15. Pytubes
A module for getting data into python from large data sources
16. Pywt
We're moving. Please visit
17. Python Sfml
Official binding of SFML for Python
18. Root numpy
The interface between ROOT and NumPy
19. One Python Benchmark Per Day
An ongoing fun challenge where I'll try to post one Python benchmark per day.
21. Rasterio
Rasterio reads and writes geospatial raster datasets
22. Tesserocr
A Python wrapper for the tesseract-ocr API
23. Vedis Python
Python bindings for the Vedis embedded NoSQL database
24. Dd
Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs) in pure Python and Cython wrappers of CUDD, Sylvan, and BuDDy
25. Aurora
Minimal Deep Learning library is written in Python/Cython/C++ and Numpy/CUDA/cuDNN.
26. Connected Components 3d
Connected components on multilabel 3D & 2D images. Handles 26, 18, and 6 connected variants.
27. Jd4
Judging daemon for programming contests
28. Pymarketcap
Python3 API wrapper and web scraper for
29. Pdsa
Probabilistic Data Structures and Algorithms in Python
30. Python Gssapi
A Python interface to RFC 2743/2744 (plus common extensions)
33. Python interface cpp
Example code for interfacing with C and C++ from Python using Cython, SWIG, CFFI, PyPy, and pybind11
35. Notesoncython
Some notes on using Cython to increase the performance of Python code.
36. Cython C Wrapper
Simple example of wrapping a C library with Cython
37. Rebate
Relief Based Algorithms of ReBATE implemented in Python with Cython optimization. This repository is no longer being updated. Please see scikit-rebate.
38. Gurobimh
Drop-in replacement for Gurobi's gurobipy python interface that supports Python3.4 and is much more efficient
39. Celiagg
🎨Anti-Grain Geometry for Python 3 with Cython
40. Dynamicwindowapproach
The Dynamic Window Approach planning algorithm written in C with Python Bindings
41. Fiona
Fiona reads and writes geographic data files
42. Vidcutter
Been busy guys, will be reviewing and integrating pull requests shortly. Thanks to all contributors! LATEST RELEASE: 6.0.0 - flatpak @ - snap @ - see for more details...
47. Python Vimrc
VIM Configuration for Python / Cython / C Development
48. Pyimgui
Cython-based Python bindings for dear imgui
49. Yolo3 4 Py
A Python wrapper on Darknet. Compatible with YOLO V3.
50. Nimporter
Compile Nim Extensions for Python On Import!
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