Top 375 GDScript open source projects

1. Godot Demo Projects
Demonstration and Template Projects
4. Prince Of Persia Apple Ii
A running-jumping-swordfighting game I made on the Apple II from 1985-89
5. GodotWeapons
Weapon logic plugin for Godot
6. CandyWrapper
Godot Engine 3.2.2 | Arcade Platformer Game
✭ 13
8. godot palette swap
Replaces a color with another one using a mask.
✭ 25
9. WarZone 2
Top down multiplayer shooting game made using godot engine for android
10. godot-vs-rapier
compare gdnative rust based physics against Godot built-in physics
11. godot-engine.jwt
JSON Web Token library for Godot Engine written in GDScript
✭ 19
12. PixiesPixel
A cross-platform realtime online multiplayer PvP game made with Godot and GDScript. Voted runner up (out of 243 teams) at NUS Orbital 2019.
13. PixelOrb
An open source free puzzle game made with Godot Engine
14. QuickRawPicker
📷 QuickRawPicker is a free and open source program that lets you cull, pick or rate raw photos captured by your camera. It is also compatible with the XMP sidecar file used by Adobe Bridge/Lightroom/Darktable or PP3 sidecar file used by Rawtherapee.
16. viewport-spy
Godot editor UI to spy on what a Viewport is rendering. Useful for debugging.
17. godot3-todo
TODO list dock addon for Godot 3.
✭ 20
18. godot-performance-comparison
Godot performance comparison between the `3.x` and `master` branch
19. godostra
Free cross-platform 3D real-time strategy (RTS) game using godot 3.x
20. godot-interpolated-camera3d
Provides an InterpolatedCamera3D node that replicates its 3.2.x functionality (and more)
21. Neroware-Project2020
An RPG for Pixel Art Lovers. Finally a game that doesn't judge you for playing LIKE YOU WANT...
✭ 19
22. godot-youtube-dl
An implementation of youtube-dl for the Godot engine
✭ 35
23. godot-super-scaling
A fast viewport scaler for Godot Engine games that allows for increased performance or higher quality visuals. At 50% scaling on a 3D game, you could potentially get 200% to 300% of native performance.
✭ 73
24. godot-bootstrap
Boilerplate code for creating a moddable game in Godot.
25. StateMachine system for Godot
Flexible and lightweight StateMachine for Godot
26. godot rl agents
No description, website, or topics provided.
28. godot-accessibility
A screen reader for the Godot UI
✭ 47
29. gBot
Godot Project
✭ 43
30. Godot-DialogGraphPlugin
A simple Godot plugin for dialog graph creation.
31. 3d-simplewater
3D Simple Water for Godot Engine
32. godot-skills
A generic, compositional skill system for Godot Engine that uses scenes to design abilities and their effects.
33. Godot3DCharacterEditorWardrobe
3D Character Editor with Morphs and Wardrobe for Godot 3.2
34. TowerDefense
Simple Tower Defense Game made with Godot Engine
35. Godot-Strafe-Jumping
Air strafing mechanics for Godot 3
✭ 15
36. FreyjaTheWildCats
A shoot 'em up game about old Norse mythology.
37. godot-unirest
Unirest in GDScript: Simplified, lightweight HTTP client library.
38. Godot3 dodge
"Dodge the Creeps!" Godot Engine 3.0 "getting started" game demonstrating the basics.
✭ 88
39. Godot Third Person Controller
No description, website, or topics provided.
✭ 24
40. gdlisp
Lisp on the Godot platform
41. Project-Uranium-Godot
A work in progress re-implementation of the game Pokemon Uranium in the Godot Engine.
42. Fluid-Sim
Simple Air/ water sim
43. intrepid
No description, website, or topics provided.
44. Quantum-Tetris
19f-quantum-gaming created by GitHub Classroom
45. godot-engine.code-snapshot
A plugin for Godot Engine which will let you take beautified snapshots of your code within the Editor. Configure the frame as you like, with GDScript syntax already highlighted.
46. Tilemap2Tileset
Split all of your Tilemaps and Images into Tilesets or Tiles
✭ 67
47. gd-obj
Obj file parser for Godot
48. voltar
WebGL only 2D game engine using Godot as the visual editor
49. gdsmod
Godot Module Replayer
50. loadrl
A free roguelike loader, celebrating free roguelikes
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