Top 254 Mako open source projects

1. Util
Wonderful reusable code from Twitter
3. Python Api Tesing
python中文库-python人工智能大数据自动化接口测试开发。 书籍下载及python库汇总
4. Flask Migrate
SQLAlchemy database migrations for Flask applications using Alembic
5. Code
6. Middleware
TrueNAS CORE/Enterprise/SCALE Middleware Git Repository
10. Discover Flask
Full Stack Web Development with Flask.
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14. Gnuradio
GNU Radio – the Free and Open Software Radio Ecosystem
15. UBrew
A social app for homebrewers to connect and share their favorite brews
16. airtng-flask
AirTNG - Rental-by-owner properties fit for a Captain, implemented in Python with Flask
17. fastapi-sqlmodel-alembic
Sample FastAPI project that uses async SQLAlchemy, SQLModel, Postgres, Alembic, and Docker.
18. fast-api-project-template
This is a project generator to start FastApi project
19. excel2xx
导出 Excel 到结构化数据或代码 ( lua, c/c++, go 等等由你的 mako 模板决定 )
20. GraphSpace
The interactive graph sharing website.
21. bili
22. flask-getting-started
Flask 入门课程附课源码
23. oictest
OAuth2 and OpenID Connect test tools
24. news-connector
A content feed pulling live data from multiple APIs built on Flask and React / Redux
25. PyRenderer
3D Geometry Renderer for Python
27. copyvios
A copyright violation detector running on Wikimedia Cloud Services
28. testing-and-monitoring-ml-deployments
Example project for the course "Testing & Monitoring Machine Learning Model Deployments"
29. neutron-vpnaas
Virtual private network services for OpenStack Neutron. Mirror of code maintained at
30. docker-strongswan
Docker image providing StrongSwan for building VPN tunnels via IPSec.
31. Flask-PostgreSQL-API-Seed
A starting point for a Flask API backend
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32. origin-bridge
We've moved to a monorepo:
33. Entitas-lua
No description or website provided.
34. -Django-
35. chia-monitor
🍃 A comprehensive monitoring and alerting solution for the status of your Chia farmer and harvesters.
36. ibis
IBIS is a workflow creation-engine that abstracts the Hadoop internals of ingesting RDBMS data.
37. devops-test
The task for an interview on a DevOps position
38. fastapi-sqlalchemy-1.4-async
39. docker-flask-postgres
A Flask application that demonstrates how to build data-driven Python apps in Azure App Service.
40. EduVideoShare
41. falcon-sqlalchemy-demo
A demo app using Python's falcon web framework using sqlalchemy for persistence and alembic for migrations
42. testdriven-app-2.4
No description, website, or topics provided.
43. stuoe
46. koschei
Continuous integration for Fedora packages
47. networking-bagpipe
Neutron agent and drivers for BaGPipe-based BGP VPNs. Mirror of code maintained at
48. ringo
The core of the Ringo web framework
49. yaramanager
Simple yara rule manager
50. wals3
The World Atlas Of Language Structures Online
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