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Self-hosted, Node.js based analytics tool for those who care about privacy.

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Self-hosted, Node.js based analytics tool for those who care about privacy. Ackee runs on your own server, analyzes the traffic of your websites and provides useful statistics in a minimal interface.

🌍 Website | 🔮 Live Demo | 🧸 GraphQL Playground

Ackee in a browser

👋 Introduction

Ackee is a self-hosted analytics tool that cares about privacy. We believe that you don't need to track every aspect of your visitors. Ackee keeps tracked data anonymized to avoid that users are identifiable, while still providing helpful insights. It's the right tool for everyone who doesn't need a full-featured marketing analytics platform like Google Analytics or Matomo.

  • Self-hosted: Ackee runs on your own server and is 100% open-source
  • Modern technologies: Lightweight Node.js and MongoDB architecture
  • Beautiful: Minimal and focused interface
  • No cookies: No unique user tracking and therefore no required cookie message
  • Events: Track button clicks, newsletter subscriptions and more
  • GraphQL API: Fully documented GraphQL API that allows you to build new tools upon Ackee

🚀 Get started

Get Ackee up and running…

And configure Ackee and your server correctly…

Take a look at the FAQ if you have any questions left.

📚 Documentation

Documentation and guides are located in the /docs folder. Also take a look at the FAQ if you have any questions left.


Ackee features a GraphQL API that allows you to build custom tools upon Ackee. Everything you see in the UI is made from data delivered by the API.


Ackee uses environment variables and supports .env files in the root of the project if you want to store all variables in one file. Options »



I am working hard on continuously developing and maintaining Ackee. Please consider making a donation to keep the project going strong and me motivated.




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