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Alexa client in your browser. Django app.

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Alexa Browser Client

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Alexa client in your browser. Django app. Talk to Alexa from your desktop, phone, or tablet browser.


The demo should really be heard, so click the gif below to view it in youtube.


Run the demo

First follow these steps:

  1. Configure your Amazon oauth configuration
  2. Set your environment variables
  3. Install:
$ git clone [email protected]:richtier/alexa-browser-client.git
$ cd alexa-browser-client
$ virtualenv .venv -p python3.6 && source .venv/bin/activate && make test_requirements
  1. Compile snowboy
  2. $ make demo
  3. Go to http://localhost:8000 for basic demo, or http://localhost:8000/mixer/ to play with the response audio


pip install alexa_browser_client

Make sure your settings INSTALLED_APPS contains at least these entries:



Snowboy detects when the wakeword "Alexa" is uttered.

You must compile Snowboy manually. Copy the compiled snowboy folder to the top level of you project. By default, the folder structure should be:

├── ...
├── snowboy
|   ├──
|   ├──
|   └── resources
|       ├── alexa.umdl
|       └── common.res
└── ...

If the default folder structure does not suit your needs you can customize the wakeword detector.

Routing and urls

Add url(r'^', include('alexa_browser_client.config.urls')), to url_patterns.

Add include('alexa_browser_client.config.routing.channel_routing') to your channel_routing.


This app uses Alexa Voice Service. To use AVS you must first have a developer account. Then register your product here. Choose "Application" under "Is your product an app or a device"?

Ensure you update your

Setting Notes
ALEXA_BROWSER_CLIENT_AVS_CLIENT_ID Retrieve by clicking on the your product listed here
ALEXA_BROWSER_CLIENT_AVS_CLIENT_SECRET Retrieve by clicking on the your product listed here
ALEXA_BROWSER_CLIENT_AVS_DEVICE_TYPE_ID Retrieve by reading "Product ID" here

Refresh token

You will need to login to Amazon via a web browser to get your refresh token.

To enable this first go here and click on your product to set some security settings under Security Profile and, assuming you're running on localhost:8000, set the following:

setting value
Allowed Origins https://localhost:8000/refreshtoken/
Allowed Return URLs https://localhost:8000/refreshtoken/callback/


Once you have all the settings configured:

  • Run django: ./ runserver
  • Go to http://localhost:8000 and start talking to Alexa.



The default wakeword is "Alexa". You can change this by customizing the lifecycle's audio_detector_class:

# my_project/

import alexa_browser_client
import command_lifecycle

class CustomAudioDetector(command_lifecycle.wakeword.SnowboyWakewordDetector):
    wakeword_library_import_path = ''
    resource_file = b'path/to/resource_file.res'
    decoder_model = b'path/to/model_file.umdl'

class CustomAudioLifecycle(alexa_browser_client.AudioLifecycle):
    audio_detector_class = CustomAudioDetector

class CustomAlexaConsumer(alexa_browser_client.AlexaConsumer):
    audio_lifecycle_class = CustomAudioLifecycle

Then in your

import alexa_browser_client.consumers
from channels.routing import ProtocolTypeRouter, URLRouter
from channels.sessions import SessionMiddlewareStack

from django.conf.urls import url

application = ProtocolTypeRouter({
    'websocket': SessionMiddlewareStack(
            url(r"^ws/$", alexa_browser_client.consumers.AlexaConsumer),


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the PyPI.

Other projects

This project uses Voice Command Lifecycle and Alexa Voice Service Client.

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