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Licence: mpl-2.0
An android client for the MifosX platform

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Android Client for MifosX

This is an Android Application built on top of the MifosX platform and written in Java and Kotlin. It is based on Mifos X - a robust core banking platform that is developed for field officers using which they process transactions, keep track of their client’s data, center records, group details, different types of accounts (loan, savings and recurring) of the client, run reports of clients, etc. Its sole purpose is to make field operations easier and effortless. This application also provides an offline feature that allows officers to connect with clients and provide them financial support in remote areas as well.


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Some features that are available in the app are:

  • Search of Clients, Client Details Viewing
  • Creating new Clients, Groups, and Centers
  • Savings Accounts and Loan Accounts Viewing
  • Savings Account Transactions (Withdrawal & Deposit)
  • Loan Accounts (Approval, Disbursal, Repayments etc.)
  • Identifiers and Documents (Creation, Upload, Download and View)
  • Collection Sheet Access (Online), Datatables (View, Add/Remove Entries).
  • Offline Sync (for Clients, Centers, and Groups) and Offline Dashboard.
  • Cheker Inbox
  • Path Tracker


How to Contribute

This is an OpenSource project and we like to see new contributors contibuting to the project. The issues should be raised via the GitHub issue tracker. For Issue tracker guidelines please click here. All fixes should be proposed via pull requests. For pull request guidelines please click here. For commit style guidelines please click here.

Development Setup

Before you begin, you should have already downloaded the Android Studio SDK and set it up correctly. You can find a guide on how to do this here: Setting up Android Studio.

Building the Code

  1. Clone the repository using HTTP: git clone

  2. Open Android Studio.

  3. Click on 'Open an existing Android Studio project'

  4. Browse to the directory where you cloned the android-client repo and click OK.

  5. Let Android Studio import the project.

  6. Build the application in your device by clicking run button.

Travis CI

Travis CI is a hosted continuous integration service used to build and test software projects hosted at GitHub. We use Travis CI for continous integration and clean maintainence of code. All your pull requests must pass the CI build only then, it will be allowed to merge. Sometimes,when the build doesn't pass you can use these commands in your local terminal and check for the errors,

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Product Roadmap - Product Mockup


This project is licensed under the open source MPL V2. See

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