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Licence: apache-2.0
A sample Android app using the MVP architecture.

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A sample View-based Android app using the MVP architecture. It uses Mosby, Dagger2, RxJava, retrofit, LoganSquare, requery, EventBus, Conductor.
Stars: ✭ 27 (-80.71%)
Mutual labels:  mvp, picasso, mockito, dagger2, rxandroid, butterknife, mvp-architecture, retrofit2, okhttp3
Sample Material-design Android weather application build with MVP architectural approach using Dagger2, RxJava2, Retrofit2, Event-Bus, GreenDao, Butterknife, Lottie etc.
Stars: ✭ 15 (-89.29%)
Mutual labels:  mvp, mockito, dagger2, rxandroid, butterknife, mvp-architecture, retrofit2
DEPRECATED project - Check the Apache fineract-cn-mobile project instead
Stars: ✭ 17 (-87.86%)
Mutual labels:  rxjava, mvp, dagger2, rxandroid, butterknife, mvp-architecture, retrofit2
Marvel Characters Android Application Assigned by smava GmbH
Stars: ✭ 227 (+62.14%)
Mutual labels:  rxjava, rxandroid, picasso, mvp, mockito, retrofit2, butterknife
Android MVP architecture sample project with or without RxJava and Dagger2 and Kotlin
Stars: ✭ 78 (-44.29%)
Mutual labels:  rxjava, mvp, mockito, dagger2, rxandroid, mvp-architecture, retrofit2
Showcases popular movies, tv shows, and people from The Movie Database
Stars: ✭ 325 (+132.14%)
Mutual labels:  rxandroid, dagger2, picasso, okhttp3, retrofit2, butterknife
⚔️ A common architecture for Android applications developing based on MVP, integrates many open source projects, to make your developing quicker and easier (一个整合了大量主流开源项目高度可配置化的 Android MVP 快速集成框架).
Stars: ✭ 10,146 (+7147.14%)
Mutual labels:  rxjava, dagger2, mvp, mvp-architecture, retrofit2, butterknife
An aggregated newspaper app containing news from 10+ local news publishers in Hong Kong. Made with ❤
Stars: ✭ 82 (-41.43%)
Mutual labels:  rxjava, rxandroid, dagger2, okhttp3, mockito, retrofit2
This is up-to-date android studio project for native android application, that is using modern tools and libraries.
Stars: ✭ 16 (-88.57%)
Mutual labels:  mvp, mockito, dagger2, rxandroid, butterknife, retrofit2
Clean MVP Architecture with RxJava + Dagger2 + Retrofit2 + Mockito + Fresco + EasiestGenericRecyclerAdapter using Kotlin. Includes Unit Tests(Kotlin Tests)!
Stars: ✭ 94 (-32.86%)
Mutual labels:  rxjava, rxandroid, dagger2, mvp, mvp-architecture, retrofit2
Sample app to demonstrate MVP (Model - View - Presenter) architecture in android
Stars: ✭ 91 (-35%)
Mutual labels:  rxjava, rxandroid, dagger2, mvp, mvp-architecture, mockito
Kotlin Life
App界的一股清流 音视频vr应有尽有 完全按照Material design规范设计的App (written with java and Kotlin)
Stars: ✭ 864 (+517.14%)
Mutual labels:  rxjava, rxandroid, dagger2, mvp-architecture, retrofit2, butterknife
整合大量主流开源项目并且可高度配置化的 Android MVP 快速集成框架,支持 AndroidX
Stars: ✭ 100 (-28.57%)
Mutual labels:  rxjava, rxandroid, dagger2, mvp, retrofit2, butterknife
Android tmdb clean architecture
Showcase of clean architecture concepts along with Continuous Integration and Development for modular Android applications. Includes test suits (functional and unit tests) along with code coverage.
Stars: ✭ 63 (-55%)
Mutual labels:  rxjava, dagger2, mvp, mockito, retrofit2
Business Search App Java
Showcases object oriented programming in Java, Java Swing, Kotlin, and Android
Stars: ✭ 53 (-62.14%)
Mutual labels:  jackson, dagger2, mvp, retrofit2, butterknife
🔥 爱吖妹纸(含 Kotlin 分支版本)——Retrofit + RxJava + MVP 架构 APP 体验代码家的干货集中营,福利多多,不容错过
Stars: ✭ 1,109 (+692.14%)
Mutual labels:  rxjava, rxandroid, dagger2, mvp, retrofit2
Awesome Wanandroid
⚡致力于打造一款极致体验的 客户端,知识和美是可以并存的哦QAQn(*≧▽≦*)n
Stars: ✭ 2,525 (+1703.57%)
Mutual labels:  dagger2, okhttp3, mvp-architecture, retrofit2, butterknife
📕 "任阅" 网络小说阅读器,3D翻页效果、txt/pdf/epub书籍阅读、Wifi传书~
Stars: ✭ 6,113 (+4266.43%)
Mutual labels:  rxjava, mvp, dagger2, retrofit2, okhttp3
Android Clean Architecture Mvvm Dagger Rx
Implemented by Clean Architecture, Dagger2, MVVM, LiveData, RX, Retrofit2, Room, Anko
Stars: ✭ 138 (-1.43%)
Mutual labels:  rxjava, rxandroid, dagger2, picasso, retrofit2
📚A pure reading App based on Material Design + MVP + RxJava2 + Retrofit + Dagger2 + Realm + Glide
Stars: ✭ 3,496 (+2397.14%)
Mutual labels:  rxjava, dagger2, okhttp3, mvp-architecture, butterknife


A sample Android app using the MVP architecture.

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