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Licence: mit
AutoCms is a simple solution for your Meteor.js app

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Welcome to AutoCms


Build Status


It is a plug and play admin dashboard for Meteor.js with multi language support.

Install and configure it as shown below. You will be able to list your data in a table, update data, delete or insert easly.


meteor add guncebektas:autocms

Configure it

//First of all create Mongo collections
newsletter = new Mongo.Collection('newsletter');

// Attach schema for autoForm
newsletter.attachSchema(new SimpleSchema({
    type: String,
    label: "Email",
    max: 160
  createdAt: {
    type: Number,
    autoform: {
        type: "hidden",
        label: false
    autoValue: function () { 
      return new Date().getTime();
// Define rules for autoCms
newsletter.autoCms = {
  wrapper: {
    type: 'table',
    class: 'table table-hover'
  title: 'Newsletter',
  buttons: {
    edit: {
      label: '<i class="fa fa-pencil-square-o" alt="Edit"></i> Edit',
      class: 'btn btn-xs btn-default',
      auth: function() {    // default false
        return false; 
    delete: {
      label: '<i class="fa fa-trash" alt="Delete"></i> Delete',
      class: 'btn btn-xs btn-danger',
      auth: function() {    // default false
        return true; 
    showNavButtons: true,    // default true
    navButtonInsert: {
      label: '<i class="fa fa-plus"></i>',
      class: 'btn btn-default'
    navButtonList: {
      label: '<i class="fa fa-list"></i>',
      class: 'btn btn-default'
    showActionButtons: true  // default true
  showNo: true,  // default true
  columns: {
    newsletter: {


if (Meteor.isServer) {
    insert: function () {
      return true;
    update: function () {
      return true;
    remove: function () {
      return true;


Click here to watch what you can do with the package

You can find an example in repository which covers some features of AutoCms. In the example;

  • Navigation module, to manage navbar
  • Blog module, including comment and like system
  • Dynamic page module, it's like blog but only articles
  • Portfolio module, to show references
  • Slides module, to manage carousel at homepage
  • Newsletter list, users can subscribe or unsubscribe from the list
  • Settings module, admin can change favicon, logo, footer or informations on contact page including location
  • Seo module

Jump into codes of the example

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