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A collaborative list of awesome articles, talks, books, videos and code examples about SwiftUI.

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A list of articles, tutorials, guides and videos about SwiftUI and Combine. Feel free to contribute!

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📝 Articles

SwiftUI Cheat Sheet


How to

View and Navigation

State and Binding




Unit Testing




📺 Videos

Apple WWDC 2019

  • Introducing SwiftUI: Building Your First App - Start here for a quick overview and demo
  • SwiftUI Essentials - Deeper dive into how it works and the key concepts
  • Data Flow Through SwiftUI - How to use data in SwiftUI. A single source of truth. Explains the difference between a simple property, BindableObject, @Environment, @Binding and @State
  • Building Custom Views with SwiftUI - Dave Abrahams, with a brief appearance from Crusty, digs deeper into how the layout process works. Second part is an impressive demo of how to use graphics to draw custom controls
  • Integrating SwiftUI - Use a hosting controller to wrap SwiftUI for use in your existing App. Use the Representable protocol to wrap existing UIKit/AppKit/WatchKit views to use in SwiftUI. Use the BindableObject protocol to integrate external data
  • Mastering Xcode Previews - Great demos on how Xcode previews make working with SwiftUI so easy
  • Accessibility in SwiftUI - You get a lot for free in SwiftUI but you’ll likely need to tweak some things (as with UIKit). API for setting labels, traits, actions, etc.
  • SwiftUI on watchOS - Of course, you can now build watchOS Apps with SwiftUI.
  • Mastering Xcode Previews - Learn how previews work, how to optimize the structure of your SwiftUI app for previews, and how to add preview support to your existing views and view controllers

Apple WWDC 2020


🛠 Examples




Open Source Apps


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