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Licence: MIT license
A dockerized container of NGINX-RTMP and Node.js with transcoding, archiving & stream authentication.

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Bitwave Media Server

An RTMP ingestion server + API server packaged as docker containers for managing and controlling streams, restreams, and archives.

This is the backbone of livestreaming for []

Utilizing tech such as NGINX, ffmpeg, node.js, and docker.


Updating Server: (an easier method is available via server-scritps)

docker pull bitwavetv/bms-api-server:latest
docker pull bitwavetv/bms-nginx-server:latest
docker-compose up --build -d

Updating Dev Server:

docker pull bitwavetv/bms-api-server:dev
docker pull bitwavetv/bms-nginx-server:dev
docker-compose up --build -d

Rebuild & View logs:

docker-compose up --build -d && docker-compose logs --tail 25 -f

View Logs: (an easier method is available via server-scritps)

docker-compose logs --tail 25 -f

Build NGINX server:

cd nginx-server
docker build -t bitwavetv/bms-nginx-server:latest .
- or -
docker-compose build

Build API server:

cd api-server
docker build -t bitwavetv/bms-api-server:latest .
- or -
docker-compose build

Push updated containers to docker:

docker push bitwavetv/bms-nginx-server
docker push bitwavetv/bms-api-server

Exec bash into running container:

docker exec -it [containerId] bash

Docker-Compose start server:

docker-compose up

Docker-Compose build & run detatched:

docker-compose up --build -d

Update Restart & Show Logs:

docker pull bitwavetv/bms-api-server && \
docker pull bitwavetv/bms-nginx-server && \
docker-compose up --build -d && \
docker-compose restart && \
docker-compose logs --tail 25 -f

NPM Helper Commands

These basically do what is described above, but without requiring as much typing.

To execute the follow commands, preface them with: npm run COMMAND.


Build API Service, tag as dev.


Build NGINX Service, tag as dev.


Push API Server image, tagged as dev.


Push NGINX Server image, tagged as dev.


Build ALL Services, tagged as dev.


Push ALL Servicers image, tagged as dev.


(This is the most convient command)
One shot build and push ALL services, tagged as dev.

Server Helper Scripts

see: server-scripts

Currently, the following commands are available:


Updates and restarts ingestion server.


Show docker logs for bitwave-media-server


(aka I no longer remember the context of these commands, and they are probably not needed)

Cache Builder:

docker build \
   --target builder \
   -t bitwavetv/bitwave-media-server:builder .

Build from cache:

docker build \
    --cache-from bitwavetv/bitwave-media-server:builder \
    --cache-from bitwavetv/bitwave-media-server:latest \
    -t bitwavetv/bitwave-media-server:latest .
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