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Borgert is a CMS Open Source created with Laravel Framework 5.6

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Borgert CMS

A simple CMS to start projects in Laravel containing some modules.
Blog, Pages, Products, Mailbox, Image Gallery, Log Viewer and Users.

Frontend: Blog (httpp://localhost:8000/blog)

Languages: English (default), Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese


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Description English Português (Brasil) Chinese (Help translate)
1. Installation Guide EN PT-BR
2. User Guide EN PT-BR
2.1 Routes EN PT-BR
2.2 Controllers EN PT-BR
2.3 Models EN PT-BR
2.4 Views EN PT-BR
2.5 Assets EN PT-BR
2.6 Uploads EN PT-BR
3. Modules EN PT-BR
4. Libraries EN PT-BR
5. Tips EN PT-BR



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