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Teradata UI Platform built on Angular Material

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Covalent: UI Platform based on Angular-Material

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Covalent is a reusable UI platform from Teradata for building web applications with common standards and tooling. It is based on Angular and Material Design.

Vision: To build an atomic, reusable component platform for Teradata to consume, while collaborating in an open source model.


  • Ensure you have Node 8.9.4+ and NPM 5+ installed.
  • Install Angular CLI npm i -g @angular/cli
  • Install Typescript npm i -g typescript
  • Install TSLint npm install -g tslint
  • Install Protractor for e2e testing npm install -g protractor
  • Install Node packages npm ci
  • Run local build npm run serve or npm run serve:prod

Angular Support

Certain covalent version are meant for certain angular versions, and here is the matrix:

Covalent Angular
2.X 8.X
3.X 9.X / 10.X / 11.x
Future / Nightly 11.X

Browser Support

Covalent is built on a CSS Flexbox layout and all layouts and components heavily rely up that support, so the current browsers are supported in order or recommendation:

Current version - 1 for the following:

Chrome Firefox Safari Edge Mobile Chrome Mobile Safari IE11
Supported ~ ~ ~

~ Indicates limited testing & lower priority

IE11 requirements & best practices

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