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A Nonsense Collection of Disgusting Codes

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A Nonsense Collection of Disgusting Codes

Here we are talking about creepiest of the most creepy codes. Programs, behave so strange, that they will twist your brain. Snippets, so small, that you won’t believe their functionality. And codes, so cryptic, that even the top coders will think of going back to the college.

Note: Never try this type of code in a real life software project; readability and maintainability should be the main concern there.


See this cute little code ()-


In Perl, this regular expression checks if a number is prime.

Following code will produce day of the week for a given date ()-

((y-=m<3)+y/4-y/100+y/400+" bed=pen+mad."[m]+d)%7

Consider this Java code ()-

int i = (byte) + (char) - (int) + (long) - 1;

What will be the value of i? Will the code even compile? Weird! Huh?

The program is a Ruby Quine called qlobe (). Isn't the the output amazing?


This is one of my favourites- The Animated 3d Doughnut (). Taste how delicious it is!

Animated 3d Doughnut

Paste this in your browser's url-


And see the magic yourself ()!

Most of the programs here are hell hard to understand. The details-url provided with the codes contain useful description. Follow the Creepy Rank for getting a structured view of all the programs.

Creepy Rank

Sorted by difficulty level-

Level- 1: Genin

Code Intro Java code written like python. Finds factorial of big numbers. Weird flipped code compiles- "backward!".
one_line_swap.c Strange one-liners that swaps value of two variables.
without_main.c C code without main. Magically outputs "hello world" in the console. Prints "Hi!" in the console, looks like a big meaningless comment though.
strange.c A strange code with more strange output.

Level- 2: Chunin

Code Intro
bitwise_arithmetic.c Performs addition and multiplication using only bit operation.
prefix2postfix.c Converts prefix notation to postfix.
sapin.c Prints a dynamic christmas tree. Seems like the JVM has gone mad, printing random integers. It is surprising enough, that the code compiles & prints 1. Will (randomly!) print- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.
bangladesh.c Prints the map of Bangladesh.
signature_prime.c Keeps printing prime number (theoretically) forever.
day_of_week.c Computes day of the week for given date. Prints 404 in python, perl, ruby, c and brainfu*k. A quine that runs in c, python, perl & ruby.

Level- 3: Jonin

Code Intro
compound_eye.rb Displays animated pattern.
best_short_program.c Reads a spelt number and writes a corresponding decimal number. Checks if a number is prime using regular expression!
quine_signature.c Shortest C code that prints itself.
clock_in1line.c Prints current time in text-art. Prints "just another perl hacker".
matrix_effect.html Displays a matrix-like screen.
pi_signature.c Calculates the first 15000 digits of PI.

Level- 4: Kage

Code Intro Creates an image of Mandelbrot (may take 20m to run!).
shortest_tetris.html Very short and simplified variant of the classic tetris game.
qlobe.rb Prints the globe. And it can also be turned by puting command-line argument.
animated_3d_doughnut.c Shows a 3d animated doughnut with ASCII art. Rotates, zooms in & out, and scrolls randomly to examine regions of the Mandelbrot.


Code Intro A polyglot, prints "hello polyglots" in 8 languages. A polyglot written in 7 esoteric languages. The code is palindromic, compiles in C# and Java, prints itself.
quine_relay.rb An uroboros program with 100 programming languages.

All the programs here have been tested (by me). TutorialsPoint-CodingGround or has online code editors and compilers, which can be used to run these programs. Many programs here have been collected from q/a and discussion sites, like- StackOverflow, Quora, Programming Puzzles & Code Golf, & Hacker News.

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