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Chrome Extension Hot Reloader

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Chrome Extension Hot Reloader

Watches for file changes in your extension's directory. When a change is detected, it reloads the extension and refreshes the active tab (to re-trigger the updated scripts).

Here's a blog post explaining it (thanks to KingOfNothing for the translation).


  • Works by checking timestamps of files
  • Supports nested directories
  • Automatically disables itself in production
  • And it's under a 40 lines of code!

How To Use

  1. Drop hot-reload.js to your extension's directory.

  2. Put the following into your manifest.json file:

    "background": { "scripts": ["hot-reload.js"] }

Also, you can simply clone this repository and use it as a boilerplate for your extension.

Installing From NPM

It is also available as NPM module:

npm install crx-hotreload

Then use a require (or import) to execute the script.

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