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🌔 Official Repository for DarkSpiritz Penetration Framework | Written in Python 🐍

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DarkSpiritz (Python3)

A penetration testing framework for Linux and Windows systems.

Official DarkSpiritz Repository. The old organization was deleted by a rouge member.

What is DarkSpiritz?

Created by the SynTel Team it was a project of one of the owners to update and clean-up an older pentesting framework he had created to something updated and modern. DarkSpiritz is a re-vamp of the very popular framework known as "Roxysploit". You may be familiar with this framework and if you are then it will help you with DarkSpiritz. DarkSpiritz also works like another pentesting framework known as Metasploit. If you know how to use metasploit setting up and working with DarkSpiritz will be a breeze. Inside the program itself you will find a lot of help and documentation on plugins or you can head to our wiki here. If you need any help feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Syntel Team:

M4cs | @maxbridgland


We have completely rewritten the framework and configuration method based off community feedback. We have also finally updated to Python 3. It took a long time but was most definitely worth it! This version should run a lot smoother and have a cleaner UI.


Getting Started

Clone the repository with git:

git clone

DarkSpiritz wiki available here

To install DarkSpiritz clone the github repo and run:

pip install -r requirements.txt

This will download all necessary modules for DarkSpiritz. Once you run this you will be able to run:




(if ./ doesn't work run chmod +x from within the same directory as DarkSpiritz.)

You will see a start-up screen. This screen will display things like commands and configuration settings. You can set configuration settings inside the config.xml file itself or through commands in the DarkSpiritz shell.


These are features that DarkSpiritz Team prides themself on based on this program:

  • Real Time Updating of Configuration
  • Never a need to restart the program even when adding plugins or editing them.
  • Easy to use UX
  • Multi-functionality
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