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Licence: gpl-2.0
iOS/macOS/Linux Remote Administration Tool

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EggShell is a post exploitation surveillance tool written in Python. It gives you a command line session with extra functionality between you and a target machine. EggShell gives you the power and convenience of uploading/downloading files, tab completion, taking pictures, location tracking, shell command execution, persistence, escalating privileges, password retrieval, and much more. This is project is a proof of concept, intended for use on machines you own.

Main menu

For detailed information and how-to visit

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New In Version 3.0.0

  • More secure socket connection using SSL
  • Linux support
  • Tab completion
  • Improved over all structure and efficiency of session handling
  • Native iOS python support for 64 bit devices

Getting Started

  • Requires python 2.7

macOS/Linux Installation

git clone
cd eggshell

iOS (Jailbroken)

Add Cydia source: Install EggShell 3 Use any mobile terminal application and run the command eggshell

Main menu

Creating Payloads

Eggshell payloads are executed on the target machine. The payload first sends over instructions for getting and sending back device details to our server and then chooses the appropriate executable to establish a secure remote control session.


Selecting bash from the payload menu will give us a 1 liner that establishes an eggshell session upon execution on the target machine

Bash payload

teensy macOS (USB injection)

Teensy is a USB development board that can be programmed with the Arduino ide. It emulates usb keyboard strokes extremely fast and can inject the EggShell payload just in a few seconds.

Teensy macOS payload

Selecting teensy will give us an arduino based payload for the teensy board.

Teensy macOS payload

After uploading to the teensy, we can use the device to plug into a macOS usb port. Once connected to a computer, it will automatically emulate the keystrokes needed to execute a payload.

Teensy macOS payload

Interacting with a session

Session interaction

After a session is established, we can execute commands on that device through the EggShell command line interface. We can show all the available commands by typing "help"

Command help

Taking Pictures

Session interaction

Both iOS and macOS payloads have picture taking capability. The picture command lets you take a picture from the iSight on macOS as well as the front or back camera on iOS.

Tab Completion

Similar to most command line interfaces, EggShell supports tab completion. When you start typing the path to a directory or filename, we can complete the rest of the path using the tab key.

Tab completion


The Multihandler option lets us handle multiple sessions. We can choose to interact with different devices while listening for new connections in the background.


Similar to the session interface, we can type "help" to show Multihandler commands



Featured in EverythingApplePro's video demonstrating an iOS 9.3.3 Webkit vulnerability used to run EggShell


Special Thanks

  • Linus Yang / Ryley Angus for the iOS Python package
  • AlessandroZ for LaZagne


By using EggShell, you agree to the GNU General Public License v2.0 included in the repository. For more details at Using EggShell for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal. It is the end user's responsibility to obey all applicable local, state and federal laws. Developers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program.



  • brightness : adjust screen brightness
  • cd : change directory
  • download : download file
  • getfacebook : retrieve facebook session cookies
  • getpaste : get pasteboard contents
  • getvol : get speaker output volume
  • idletime : get the amount of time since the keyboard/cursor were touched
  • imessage : send message through the messages app
  • itunes : iTunes Controller
  • keyboard : your keyboard -> is target's keyboard
  • lazagne : firefox password retrieval | (
  • ls : list contents of a directory
  • mic : record mic
  • persistence : attempts to re establish connection after close
  • picture : take picture through iSight
  • pid : get process id
  • prompt : prompt user to type password
  • screenshot : take screenshot
  • setvol : set output volume
  • sleep : put device into sleep mode
  • su : su login
  • suspend : suspend current session (goes back to login screen)
  • upload : upload file


  • alert : make alert show up on device
  • battery : get battery level
  • bundleids : list bundle identifiers
  • cd : change directory
  • dhome : simulate a double home button press
  • dial : dial a phone number
  • download : download file
  • getcontacts : download addressbook
  • getnotes : download notes
  • getpasscode : retreive the device passcode
  • getsms : download SMS
  • getvol : get volume level
  • home : simulate a home button press
  • installpro : install substrate commands
  • ipod : control music player
  • islocked : check if the device is locked
  • lastapp : get last opened application
  • locate : get device location coordinates
  • locationservice: toggle location services
  • lock : simulate a lock button press
  • ls : list contents of a directory
  • mic : record mic
  • mute : update and view mute status
  • open : open apps
  • openurl : open url on device
  • persistence : attempts to re establish connection after close
  • picture : take picture through the front or back camera
  • pid : get process id
  • respring : restart springboard
  • safemode : put device into safe mode
  • say : text to speach
  • setvol : set device volume
  • sysinfo : view system information
  • upload : upload file
  • vibrate : vibrate device


  • cd : change directory
  • download : download file
  • ls : list contents of a directory
  • pid : get process id
  • pwd : show current directory
  • upload : upload file
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